What’s New About the New Proactiv Plus?


Proactiv Plus uses benzoyl peroxide combined with nanotechnology.

The most well-known acne product on the market just got better. The new Proactiv Plus heals your skin in ways few other acne killers can. While we still think Exposed Skin Care is the best over-the-counter acne treatment system available, there is no doubt Proactiv Plus is a big improvement over the ‘old’ Proactiv.

Proactiv Plus fights acne with the power of benzoyl peroxide combined with nanotechnology. The old Proactive acne system used benzoyl peroxide too, of course. Hundreds of anti-acne preparations do.

Benzoyl peroxide is a reliable way to kill the bacteria that cause zits. Just 48 hours after benzoyl peroxide finds its way inside a pore, more than 99% of the bacteria that can clog it are dead. But the problem with older products was that benzoyl peroxide (1) didn’t always find its way inside a pore and (2) usually caused some degree of skin inflammation. This new way of formulating products with benzoyl peroxide takes care of both of these problems in ways that generic benzoyl peroxide in other products never can.

The reason older acne products didn’t always get down inside skin pores where they are needed is very simple. Acne is caused by clogged pores. The clog in the pore keeps “chunky” medications, even finely milled medications from getting inside. The new technology creates particles that are so small that they can slip past sebum, dead bacteria, and dead skin cells to penetrate the pore and do their work.

But even when benzoyl peroxide did penetrate the skin, in the old-style products, it could be irritating. Everybody gets red, itchy, skin when using a product that’s 10% benzoyl peroxide or more. Lots of people get red or itchy or flaky skin when using a product that’s just 5% benzoyl peroxide. Some companies just reduced the amount of benzoyl peroxide in their acne creams and lotions to 2%, but that’s not optimally antibacterial unless the chemical is processed in a way that makes sure it get where it needs to go. What was needed was a way to make the chemical fight bacteria inside pores without injuring skin around them. And nanotechnology is the way to do that.

Proactiv Plus doesn’t just contain tiny particles of benzoyl peroxide that can penetrate deep into pores. It coats them with a natural polymer that bacteria find yummy. Some benzoyl peroxide gets eaten by bacteria, which die in less than 2 days. The rest of the benzoyl peroxide nanoparticles simply hang around until the pore flushes them out naturally.

The result is that Proactiv Plus kills bacteria fast but doesn’t irritate your skin. Redness, irritation, flaking and peeling are kept to a minimum. Your pores open up as your skin renews itself from the inside out, without the bacteria that can clog them all over again.

But that isn’t all that makes the new Proactiv Plus such a “plus.” Proactiv plus moisturizes your skin without making it oily. The extra moisture in your skin causes the tiny particles of benzoyl peroxide to swell inside your pores once they have reached their destination. Bacteria can’t miss them. And your healthy skin is smoother and less wrinkly.

Proactiv Plus softens your skin so that enlarged pores relax and acne scars begin to fill in naturally.   This brings out your natural skin tones, the reds and yellows and browns and blacks that make your skin distinctively your own.

The benzoyl peroxide in Proactiv Plus is formulated to be so effective that the product works with just 2.5%, a gentle formula that kills bacteria without killing skin cells. And just in case your skin is exposed to some other irritant, Proactiv Plus also contains the active ingredient in aspirin, salicylic acid, to stop redness, inflammation, irritation, and itch.

Now we’ll answer some common questions about Proactiv Plus.

Q. How long does it take Proactiv Plus to clear up your skin?
A. Proactiv Plus kills acne bacteria, and then your skin has to renew itself from the inside out. This takes about 30 days, longer if you have other infections (like impetigo) or if you let yourself get sunburned. Killing acne bacteria isn’t all you need to do, of course. You need to cleanse your skin to get rid of oils that can still make whiteheads and blackheads. You need to moisturize your skin to keep your pores open. And if you have yellow, brown, or black skin, in particular, you need to use sunscreen to keep pigments from forming where acne heals. But if you aren’t seeing initial results in 30 days, take advantage of your seller’s return policy.

Q. Isn’t ProAktiv the same thing as Up and Up?
A. No. Up and Up doesn’t have benzoyl peroxide in the non-irritating nanoparticle form.

Q. What about tea tree oil? Isn’t tea tree oil more effective than benzoyl peroxide?
A. Tea tree oil is a little slower in killing bacteria than benzoyl peroxide, but it almost never (unless you happen to be allergic to it, something that doesn’t happen with benzoyl peroxide) makes your skin break out. However, in some boys, tea tree oil can stimulate the growth of breast tissues. Big boobs are a  bigger cosmetic problem than acne for most pre-teen and early-teen boys. And since the new, “nanized” benzoyl peroxide does not cause inflammation, it now has the main advantage that tea tree oil does.

Q. Is it true that Proactiv Plus can turn your skin orange?
A. No. That’s a side effect of Retin-A and retinol treatment. If you use both Retin-A and ProAktiv, you may notice some strange coloration of your skin, but it’s the medication that is causing that, the same your skin would turn orange if you ate a couple of bunches of carrots a day, providing an amount of vitamin A comparable to Retin-A.

Q. I read product reviews that say just to skip ProAktiv Plus and get a prescription for Accutane. Is that a good idea?
A. Even when health insurance changes in the US on January 1, 2014, many people won’t be able to get Accutane under the health coverage, and it is not cheap. But even if it were free, there are problems with the medication that you don’t have with ProAktiv. Accutane can cause severe irritation. It is linked with depression. And it is not safe for women who could become pregnant. None of these problems are found with ProAktiv, which is a lot less expensive, and doesn’t require blood tests and doctor visits.

Q. Do I absolutely, positively have to use ProAktiv Plus every day?
A. We’d like for everyone to buy more ProAktiv Plus, of course, But the truth is, if your acne is under control, you can use it for spots when they break out, only when you need it. But if you have multiple pimples on your face, use this product every day until you get your acne under control.

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    I used proactive for 2 years, and after I quit using it, my skin became worse than before. Proactive is designed to keep skin clear. As long as you keep using it. But it is also designed to seep into skin and break it out. Partcals in the scrub remain in the skin and actually create pimples and white heads. Any water, any soap does the same as proactive. I originally got it for my nieces, but in using it. I developed acne. Its a scam. I promise. And they will not return your money!

    Have you tried the new products and how do know stopping it caused your acne? Did you still keep up with a regime and ate healthy?

    It’s not worth it.

    I believe this product works well but I believe it is too expensive for the amount you get is not worth the purchase. I was recommended by my Dermatologist to use Sulfur for my acne prone skin. So I went and bought the Joesoef Skin Care Anti Acne 4 Step Regimen. The kit works great and best of all is the price, something I can afford and is effective to all skin types! Sulfur works best and is so beneficial in many ways for our skin!

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