What You MUST Know About These 3 Best-Selling Acne Systems…

Acne is a real pain. It’s unsightly, irritating and can be really hard to shift. The good news is that the best over-the-counter acne systems out-perform risky medical treatments! They are also both cheaper and safer.

Here’s what you need to know about the best-selling acne systems today…

#1 – Exposed Skin Care (wins EASY…see COMPARISON CHART below)


Spa quality, 1 year guarantee, less than 3% returns, happy customers, full instructions. Exposed Skin Care just plain works!

Compared to most other acne care products Exposed delivers truly remarkable results! We’ve looked at the competition and there’s only one conclusion to be drawn: Nothing else comes close to this.

Exposed uses a unique mix of scientific and natural methods to attack your acne from multiple directions, giving fast and effective relief – and it does all this without causing dryness or irritation.

If you’ve struggled with acne before you’ll know that no one treatment clears up every spot. However, Exposed offer a complete solution in their kits. Buying a kit with several products will save you even more money, and if you opt for the Expanded kit you get a total of six remedies, all carefully designed to work together.

The core of this kit is an acne treatment serum that significantly reduces the bacteria that cause acne. Their cleanser removes oil and dead skin cells and works in concert with a clearing tonic  that unclogs pores and balances your skin’s pH. Finally, a moisturizer helps keep your skin smooth, hydrated, and in good shape.

Overall this is a really comprehensive kit that covers all the bases, and it comes with a one-year money back guarantee(!) – Exposed are pretty confident. With good reason, too. We asked them their return rate, and it’s below 3%. This is our top recommendation if you want great results fast.

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#7 – Proactiv (Customers say – AVERAGE! Customers say – buyer beware)

Proactiv kit

We can’t help but wonder how many celebrities actually use, or even tried Proactiv! The Web is riddled with poor customer feedback on Proactiv – the product, their billing, and their support.

The best-selling acne product in the world! The Proactiv acne treatment system is well known and celebrity endorsed, but we think there are better products available. Proactiv scores only slightly above average in reviews and while it’s definitely not a bad product, there are some things you should know before buying it.

Proactiv’s Advanced Blemish Treatment has a very high concentration of benzoyl peroxide (6%, WAY too high in our opinion), which is very effective at killing bacteria but also causes skin irritation that can actually make new blemishes more likely. Go for the Repairing Treatment instead – it’s still reasonably effective, but shouldn’t make your face break out as much. Don’t expect it to get rid of more than 2/3 of your acne, though.

The long and short of it is this; Proactiv don’t quite live up to the hype. Many people have had good results with them, but many others find them too harsh for what they do. Also, sadly, there is an abundance of feedback online from customers outraged with Proactiv’s billing policy and customer service!

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#5 – Murad Acne Regimen (A pretty good system, but may irritate skin and leave white spots)


Dr. Murad is known for his use of hydroquinone in his treatment system. It can leave white spots if your skin isn’t white. Also, some ingredients irritate the skin.

Murad’s Acne Complex Kit cleanser is very effective, but it can be a bit harsh if you have sensitive skin – its active ingredient is salicylic acid, which serves to unclog pores.

As a note, Murad may not be ideal if you have darker skin. Hydroquinone is likely to leave pigmented spots after treatment on any skin color that’s not white.

Other steps include a clearing solution that’s specifically aimed at your pores, and should unblock deeper obstructions. After that comes a clarifying toner which, again, contains salicylic acid. It will work to tone the surface of your skin, eliminating shine and minor blemishes.

Finally there’s a quick-fix treatment that can be applied to particularly stubborn spots, and a pH balancer to reduce any excessive acidity caused by the other components.

Overall this is a good kit, and should work well on most skin types – as long as it’s white! There are good things to say about Murad, but the main issues are the use of hydroquinone and certain ingredients that are likely to irritate the skin.

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Acne Treatments Comparison Chart

& Skin Repairing Ingredients
Murad Exposed Proactiv
Kills Acne Bacteria
(Benzoyl Peroxide)
No Yes Yes
Unclogs Pores
(Salicylic Acid)
Yes Yes No
Renews Skin
(Glycolic Acid)
No Yes Yes
Dries Sebum
Yes No No
Normalizes Skin
(Azelaic Acid)
No Yes No
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Proven to Heal Skin
Green Tea
(Kills Acne Bacteria)
Yes Yes No
Passion Flower
(Reduces Inflammation)
No Yes No
Aloe Vera
(Soothes Irritated Skin)
Yes Yes Yes
Sage Extract
(Fights Free Radicals)
No Yes No
Gotu Kola
(Improves Skin Healing)
No Yes No
Guarantee Offer 60 Days 365 Days 60 Days
Price (60 Day Supply) $59.90 $49.95 $39.90
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