How Her Acne Disappeared After Less Than 30 days – Permanently!

Our readers love success stories and so do we. Chances are 2015 will be your ‘get clear’ year if you read Lily’s short, but important, account of how a simple discovery finally allowed her to enjoy the beautiful skin of her dreams:

Here’s what she wrote…

‘…as you can tell I had fairly serious acne with many pimples and even the occasional cyst. You can see in the before picture what it typically looked like. I know – disgusting!! I suffered the emotional and physical pain for years. I really HATED my acne and fought a long, hard, and fruitless battle to clear my skin. You name it, I tried it. I tried washing my face with regular soap, I tried several acne creams, I tried exfoliators, I tried tonics, I tried various home-made remedies, and I tried astringents. All in a desperate attempt to dry up my acne, which unfortunately often produced the exact opposite result making my face red and blotchy.

I had actually decided to throw in the towel and see a dermatologist (not an easy decision, by the way, as my student budget didn’t mix well with the costs…but I was desperate!). As it turned out, though, it was a simple click on a little online ad that turned things around for me. By pure dumb luck I found Exposed Skin Care and their site seemed honest. After doing a little research I decided to buy their product and it was the best decision I EVER made. I think the results in the after picture speak louder than words!! :)…’

Why Exposed Is Different

Exposed Skin Care kit

A picture of the extended Exposed Skin Care kit. Their kits help you save big.

Here’s what most acne sufferers don’t realize – non-prescription acne products are as effective or more effective than medication PROVIDED you find one that’s formulated correctly and uses high quality components. As our Exposed Skin Care review explains, that’s a big part of what makes their product different.


  • In a test, 98% of Exposed users saw clear skin in 30 days or less.
  • It is very reasonably priced.
  • It feels great on the skin. Exposed won’t make your skin red and irritated the same way many other acne products do.
  • It’s risk-free to try (their guarantee is unique).
  • It smeels nice.
  • It is very convenient and easy to use (comes with step-by-step instructions in the kit).
  • It receives excellent feedback from other former acne sufferers.

What your skin really needs to be acne-free is simply proper care! That’s what Exposed provides.

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