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AcneFreecover3DTitle: Acne Free 1-2-3

Cleansing, Exfoliating, and Spot Treatment to Get Rid of Acne for Good

Author: Robert Rister


Lots of ebooks make promises they can’t keep about helping you achieve blemish-free skin. Publishers charge you lots of money for information about ways to clear up acne that can’t possibly work.

  • No matter what an ebook tells you, you won’t get rid of 100% of your acne in 24 hours.
  • No matter what an ebook tells you, you won’t get rid of 100% of your acne in 3 days.

But you really can get rid of most or all acne in 30 days if you just follow three simple steps. There are no skin care products you absolutely have to use. There is no diet you absolutely have to follow. You can choose the right combination of products and practices that works for your type of skin.

And the information is free. All you have to do is to download your copy of Acne Free 1-2-3. You’ll get instant access to the free report PLUS 10 days of follow-up information that tells you exactly how to bring mild to moderate common acne under control and keep it gone for good.

The founder and writers for know acne personally. We spent years making mistakes we don’t want you to have to repeat. We have found great products, so-so products, and products that actually make acne worse. We have worked hard to stay on diets that didn’t do any good at all and we’ve found easy diets that sometimes clear up skin in a week.

We all eventually overcame our acne and got great skin. But we learned three important things.

  1. Everybody’s acne is just a little different.
  2. There is no single skin care practice, product, medication, or medical procedure that gets rid of all your blemishes, and
  3. Everybody can get over mild to moderate common acne with the right combination of cleansing, exfoliation, and spot treatment.

Acne Free 1-2-3 tells you exactly how to do cleansing, exfoliation, and spot treatment to bring acne under control fast. Whether you have a budget of $10 or $10,000, whether you have one pimple or a hundred, these steps done right will improve your complexion fast. We tell you how to do them in just ten short pages with the products of your choice.

And just to make sure you get all the information you need to keep your complexion blemish-free for good, we’re also offering you 10 lessons in acne care, a lesson a day sent to your in box every day for 10 days.

  • We’ll tell you about the causes of acne and why it’s never a good idea to pop pimples.
  • We’ll tell you why you really can’t get rid of acne in three days or less, but how you can get rid of most or all of your blemishes in 30 days or less with the right products.
  • We’ll tell you about foods that cause and foods that prevent acne, and what to do about acne on allergy-prone and sensitivity skin.
  • You will get the inside scoop on what doctors can really do about acne.
  • Whether Retin-A is a good option for your acne symptoms.
  • What to do about one of the most stubborn forms of acne.
  • And the low-down on acne treatment devices.

All of this information is free. It’s yours with our best wishes for your good health and beautiful skin.

One other thing: We would be happy to hear from you. When you try methods that do work, or don’t work, or you have brilliant success with getting rid of acne for good, we’d like to hear from you. We also welcome before and after photos, which we only share with your explicit permission. Comments and questions are always welcome without cost or obligation.

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