Helping People Achieve Clear Skin Since 2007

Helping People Achieve Clear Skin Since 2007

Finding the Best Acne Treatment for Teens – What Really Works?

Even though many teens struggle with acne—approximately 85%—it can make teenagers feel alone and insecure. To find the best acne treatment for teens, it’s important to consider the teen’s skin type, the particular kind of acne they’re dealing with, and the different ways to treat acne. You’ll want to know what triggers particularly bad breakouts, […]

How You Can Clear Your Skin Using Salicylic Acid

Salicylic Acid Diagram Salicylic Acid Diagram

Salicylic acid is one of the most important treatments for acne on oily skin. The problems with most acne products that list salicylic acid as an ingredient are that they do not contain the right concentration of salicylic acid at the right pH. Summary: Salicylic acid is an exfoliant ingredient that is chemically similar to […]

Treating Acne with Retin-A: Does It Work?

Retin-A Cream Topical Acne Treatment Retin-A Cream Topical Acne Treatment

Retin-A is the world’s most commonly prescribed medication for the severe kind of acne that causes nodules and cysts. It is also particularly good for people who have a lot of blackheads and whiteheads, otherwise known as comedonal acne. Retin-A is the brand name for topical tretinoin, which falls in a class of medications called […]

Top Prescription Acne Medications Reviewed

Accutane and Pregnancy Accutane and Pregnancy

The best acne medication differs from person to person based on their skincare needs. For some, a gentle over-the-counter option is the best way to reduce acne, but many of us with acne require a stronger, prescription medication. Prescription acne medications are available through your dermatologist, and they can make all the difference in the […]

It’s Time to Get All the Facts About Oral Acne Medications

Oral Acne Treatment Oral Acne Treatment

Popping a pill usually is not a cure for acne. The right medications used in the right way, however, can greatly accelerate progress in healing certain kinds of acne. Summary: Though antibiotics can be somewhat helpful in treating acne, they are by no means a miracle cure. Minocycline, doxycycline, tetracycline, erythromycin, and clindamycin are some […]

N Lite Acne Treatments: A Closer Look

laser treatment for acne laser treatment for acne

The N-lite laser is often advertised as a kinder, gentler approach to laser acne treatment. Approved by the FDA as a non-invasive pulsing laser treatment, many acne care seekers go in for N-Lite treatment with the expectation that it will help with their skin conditions, but that is not always the case. Summary: The N-Lite […]

Exfoliate Your Skin and Treat Your Acne with Glycolic Acid

Applying noncomedogenic powder Applying noncomedogenic powder

Glycolic acid is one of the most useful products for “peeling” the skin to remove the brown spots that often linger on the skin after acne heals. Glycolic acid has to be used at the right concentration and at the right pH to work, and not every skin type responds well to glycolic acid in […]

The Pros and Cons of Treating Acne With Doryx

Doryx acne treatment Doryx acne treatment

Doryx, or doxycycline, is an antibiotic pill used to treat acne and many other kinds of bacterial infection. It is the acne treatment of choice in some parts of Europe, and it is available worldwide. Summary: Doryx is the trade name for an antibiotic known as doxycycline heclate. Doryx has advantages over other antibiotics. It […]

Why Is Differin for Acne So Popular, and Does It Really Work?

A quick Google search for “best acne products” is almost guaranteed to produce several hits recommending Differin for acne. It has become incredibly popular in the last few years as the first topical retinoid treatment available over-the-counter. But what exactly are retinoids, and how do they treat acne? And why is Differin allowed to be […]

Review: How Effective Are Clearasil Acne Products Really?

Clearasil pads for oily skin Clearasil pads for oily skin

Clearasil is easily the world’s oldest and best-known brand of acne care products. It was created in the early 1950s by American entrepreneur Ivan Combe with the collaboration of chemist Kedzie Teller. Combe advertised his product on the long-running American television program American Bandstand, touting his product’s superior smell to other acne treatments of the […]

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