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An Honest Review of the Acne No More Treatment Method

dr jaggi rao Reviewed by Dr. Jaggi Rao, MD, FRCPC, Double board-certified dermatologist

Will your acne be no more if you use Acne No More? The book of the same name describing a popular acne treatment system is primarily a set of instructions an acne detox—and it won’t work for everybody. This article will help you decide if it will work for you.

acne no more reviews
Since acne is not caused by toxins, the 5 pillars of detoxification recommended in the book “Acne No More” may not be the right program for you.


  • The bestselling acne treatment guide Acne No More is based on five pillars of “detoxification.”
  • The first pillar of Acne No More is cleansing and flushing your inner organs.
  • The second pillar of Acne No More is eliminating yeast infection.
  • The third pillar of Acne No More is detoxification by fasting.
  • The fourth pillar of Acne No More is controlling stress.
  • The fifth pillar of Acne No More is the use of home remedies to keep the skin clear.
  • Acne is is not caused by “toxins,” and most readers find little benefit from the eight weeks of intensive dieting required by the plan.
  • A more effective and less expensive approach to acne skin care is an acne care system like Exposed Skin Care.

The Acne No More System

Acne No More is an eBook written by Mike Walden. The eBook claims to provide a holistic solution to acne treatment. The writer provides a lot of tips and tools in this eBook that were supposedly developed by a medical researcher, health consultant, and nutritionist. Most commentators compare the Acne No More system for your skin to a spring cleaning for your house. Just as spring cleaning gets rid of accumulated clutter in your home, the Acne No More eight-week detoxification supposedly gets rid of accumulated “toxins” in your body. Readers are instructed to take several short fasts, to do liver and kidney flushes, and to make changes in diet to get rid of pimples for good. The Acne No More detoxification program is organized into five “pillars.”

  • Pillar 1 is cleansing and flushing. During this phase of the program are given instructions on how to bring your liver, kidneys, and colons back into optimal function.
  • Pillar 2 is nutrition, supplementation, and elimination of Candida (yeast). This phase of the program focuses on giving your body the nutrients it needs.
  • Pillar 3 is detoxification. During this phase you are instructed how to go on juice fasts to eliminate the “toxic” buildup said to be the root cause of acne.
  • Pillar 4 focuses on stress control. It also offers tips for better sleep.
  • Pillar 5 introduces readers to the techniques of natural skin care, how to use home remedies to keep acne gone for good.

The 7-step process for dealing with acne in the book are broken down as follows…

  • Layer 1 deals with hormonal imbalance in the body. This creates a suitable environment for toxins to be removed from the body.
  • Layer 2 lists down bad foods that cause acne, which should be avoided.
  • Layer 3 discusses various lifestyle modifications you need to make to simplify your life.
  • Layer 4 lists down fruits and vegetables you need to eat to get rid of any kind of acne.
  • Layer 5 discusses strategies for flushing out toxins out of the body.
  • Layer 6 discusses external factors that cause acne to break out on the skin and how to deal with these factors.
  • Layer 7 shows you how to stop acne from ever recurring.

The 248-page Acne No More book retails for $40, but you will need to spend about $500 to buy all the nutritional supplements it recommends. And you may be spending more at the produce counter, since the book recommends that 75% of your meals should be raw plant foods. And the plan gets mixed reviews at best.

fruits acne no more
Plan on spending a lot of money. He even forbids fruit due to their natural sugars.

It should be noted that apart from this eBook, there are no other scholarly journals or books written by Mike Walden on this topic. This seriously raises questions about the credibility of his work. Of course, it could be that the real author used a pen name but there is no way of verifying this, so that leaves the reader to question the validity of the information given in the book since the author’s background cannot be verified. In addition, there is no research data to back up many of the claims made in the book.

Based on Dubious Theories

The problem with the Acne No More program is that it is based on quack medicine. Your liver, kidneys, and colon don’t accumulate toxins, and you can’t fine tune them by “flushes.” Even though some minerals and vitamins can help to make acne better, there is no research to prove that making dietary changes will help to improve acne, apart from maybe glycemic carbohydrates and dairy products. Therefore, it seems absurd that someone would recommend making drastic dietary changes so as to cleanse your body and reduce acne. If you really want to bring your inner organs into optimal function:

  • Eat a variety of foods to tonify your liver. Your liver detoxifies compounds in food and from the environment with a variety of enzymes. Eating a variety of foods—not just eating raw foods—minimizes the amount of any one enzyme your liver has to use for healthy function.
  • Your kidneys flush just fine without your drinking extra water. If you want to make kidney function easier, be sure you get plenty of calcium in your diet, since the kidneys use calcium to alkalize the urine.
  • Your colon does not accumulate toxins. But when you accumulate ordinary, non-toxic waste in your colon, stretch sensors in the lining of the intestines send a constant signal to the pancreas to keep secreting insulin. This increases the storage of fat around your belly and increases inflammation in your skin. The problem is not that your intestines are full of toxins, it’s just that they are full.

The second pillar of Acne No More is getting rid of yeast overgrowth. That would be fine if acne were caused by yeast, but it’s not. Acne can occur when there is no infection in your skin at all. If you increase probiotics in your colon, however, your immune system learns to tolerate low levels of harmless bacteria, and releases less inflammation in your skin.

The third pillar of Acne No More is fasting to reduce levels of toxins. Fasting probably won’t hurt you (unless you have a glycogen storage disease or you take a constant dosage of insulin). The main result of fasting is that you will lose weight. Losing too much weight within a short period of time can affect your health. When you fast, your body does not begin to break down muscle tissue for proteins until you have gone without eating anything at all for 48 hours, and even the tiny amount of protein you get on a juice fast will probably provide your body with all the amino acids it needs. (Your body also digests about 100 grams of protein from your saliva every day.) But there is no benefit from fasting unless you happen to have a bad reaction to a food you eat all the time, and in that case you are really controlling an allergy, not acne.

Juice cleansing does not really cleanse the body as most people think. It just serves as a placebo. The main reason why it may seem like fasting helps acne to get better is because severe restriction of calories in the body results in the body secreting less oil; therefore, the bacteria on the skin won’t grow, so acne breakouts will decrease. But it is temporary and will not last once you return to a normal diet.

The fourth pillar of Acne No More offers tips for stress control and better sleep. Emotional stress really can make your skin break out. The more sleep you get, the more time your brain has to balance the hormones that can trigger inflammation in your skin. This may be only part of the book that is certainly true since stress can cause acne to flare up.

The fifth pillar of Acne No More is the use of home remedies for keeping your skin clear. If you simply don’t have the budget for cosmetics, there are many home remedies that can be very useful for treating acne. But there are no home remedies that can smooth out the matte of your skin or conceal blemishes that Acne No More has not yet healed.

The Lure of Natural Solution

One of the reasons why this book has gained popularity is the fact that most people are now looking for natural solutions to their skin care problems. Never mind the fact that Salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and antibiotics have been proven to be quite effective in dealing with acne. But even for individuals who prefer natural solutions to their problems, it has been proven that vitamin A is quite effective in fighting against acne. However, it is interesting to note that the book is so focused on internal cleansing of the body that it does not allow for alternative treatments, such as topical application of this vitamin on the skin as a cure for acne.

Acne develops due to the bacteria on the skin becoming inflamed as a result of oil build on the skin. The oil causes the skin pores to get clogged, which creates an ideal environment for the bacteria to thrive. Surprisingly, the author of this book does not support the idea of reducing bacteria on the skin, so as to prevent acne from getting worse. This is contrary to a lot of research, which has shown that getting rid of bacteria will help to minimize chances of acne flare ups.

acne research acne no more
Refusal to acknowledge valid research adds to doubt of credibility.

Other dubious claims made by the author in the book include:

  • 95 percent of people who treat acne normally end up worse than they were before.
  • Acne medication, creams, and lotions do not work, including Accutane and antibiotics. Instead, they can cause your condition to become worse.
  • Other people who have used the treatment methods suggested in the book got results within a few weeks and the results lasted forever.

The reason why these claims are dubious is because:

  • There is no research that shows that 95 percent of people affected by acne end up worse than they were before after starting treatment.
  • It has been proven that acne treatments work and even antibiotics, which don’t completely eliminate acne at least help to significantly reduce it.
  • It is not possible to clear acne within a short period of time since it takes weeks for acne to develop and eventually breakout on the skin. And it’s not possible to stop its growth once it has started.

Can Anyone Benefit From Acne No More?

The fundamental idea of Acne No More is that acne is caused by toxins and toxins come from food. That idea is just plain wrong. If you really want to clear up acne-prone skin, you don’t need to get rid of “toxins” in your digestive tract or to “tonify” your inner organs. You need to minimize the accumulation of excess skin oil, dead skin cells, and acne bacteria in your pores and to compensate for blemishes while you heal them.

You actually spend less when you buy a complete skin care system like Exposed Skin Care than when you buy all the products recommended by Acne No More. And Exposed Skin Care comes with a one-year money-back guarantee—something the supermarket won’t give you for the $500 worth of raw foods you will need to buy for Acne No More. Since there are no research studies to back up the bulk of the claims in the book, it would be irresponsible to recommend this book to anyone as a way to cure acne.

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