Helping People Achieve Clear Skin Since 2007

Helping People Achieve Clear Skin Since 2007

Sunflower Seeds and Acne

What causes acne? Dermatologists, researchers and acne sufferers constantly debate this. Some say acne is caused by bad genes, while others say lifestyle choices cause recurring breakouts. One main factor commonly discussed is that diet has an effect on acne, and there are a lot of internet rumors about certain foods that cause acne. But […]

How a Clean Pillowcase Can Help Diminish Your Acne

You might initially be skeptical about how a clean pillowcase can help to improve your skin condition. For instance, you might already be spending hundreds of dollars per year on cosmetic products which swear by their success in clearing up acne. So how could the same effect be achieved by a simple pillow, of all […]

Gelatin – The Miraculous Remedy against Acne

If you have been battling acne for some time then all kinds of strange cures must have been suggested to you. From bathing in chlorine which dries up pimples, to undergoing a tattoo-removal laser treatment for better skin. Usually, the remedies tend to be herbal or in the form of various vitamins. Indeed, if you […]

Cold Showers for Acne — Are They Worth It?

cold shower acne cold shower acne

Ever heard that cold water has an effect on acne? Sure, it is admittedly far less pleasant to take a bath in cold water versus soaking in warm water, but a cold shower can have an incredibly rejuvenating effect on your entire well-being. It replenishes your immune system, can help calm your mind and can […]

How Micellar Water Successfully Fights Acne

Have you always dreamed of a special potion which would both cleanse and tone your complexion at the same time? If this dream has always seemed out of reach, get ready to finally exchange your collection of various cleansers and toners for the water-based solution to rule them all. 💧✨ We thus present you with….micellar […]

How Tap Water Causes Acne And What You Can Do About It

Most people who experience acne have their own version of the particular causes that lead to their breakouts. Some blame it on stress, others on their unhealthy diet, or even on their genes and general bad luck. If you are fighting acne, too, then you probably have an elaborate story prepared for anytime someone asks […]

Fungal Acne Is A Real Thing With Real Solutions: A Guide To Defeating It

Fungal acne looks like regular acne but is actually caused by an entirely different kind of infection. Typical acne, also called vulgaris, is caused by a combination of inflammation, excess sebum (the oil produced by our skin), and a particular type of bacteria known as Propionibacterium acnes or p. acnes. Fungal acne, on the other […]

How to Use Ginger for Acne Fighting Benefits

ginger for acne ginger for acne

If you’re reading this, it is safe to assume that pimples have appeared somewhere on your body and you are wondering what to do. We have a suggestion for some simple solutions – namely, Mother Nature. One natural resource which has been proven to counteract acne is ginger. It is a cheap and easily accessible […]

Cupping Therapy And Its Effects On Acne & Other Ailments

If you suffer from skin ailments such as acne, muscle tension, digestive discomfort, or even high levels of stress, then you may already have tried every possible cure which you could get your hands on. One remedy you may have missed, though, is cupping. This type of therapy is even used by professional athletes like […]

Soothing Papaya Masks Against Acne

Sick of battling acne? Tired of waking up every morning wondering if you’ll make it through the day without a brand-new zit? Annoyed by all the terrible side effects you get from acne medicine? 💥💊🧴💰 Are you especially tired of paying hefty sums of money for pricey acne treatments each month? We have a solution […]