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Scan Z And The Brave New World Of Tracking Your Acne Breakouts

Mobile App for Acne Tracking Mobile App for Acne Tracking

For better or worse, smartphone apps have become a part our daily lives. It was an inevitability that someone would create an acne app. Do you want to scan your face and get a data driven estimate on how long a pimple is going to last? Well now there is now an app for that. […]

What’s New About The New Proactiv Plus?

The most well-known acne product on the market just got better. The new Proactiv Plus heals your skin in ways few other acne killers can1. While we still think Exposed Skin Care is the best over-the-counter acne treatment system available, there is no doubt Proactiv Plus is a big improvement over the ‘old’ Proactiv. Proactiv […]

Rodan & Fields Unblemish – Not A Pretty Pricetag

Oily Skin Oily Skin

Rodan & Fields is a line of cosmetics made by the same company that also makes Proactiv. Rodan & Fields products tend to be pricey but effective, but they are not for everyone even if money is no object. Here are key facts about their most popular products.

TriClear – Out Of Business, But What To Use Instead?

Triclear treatment for acne Triclear treatment for acne

The Triclear acne treatment system consisted of three products, a purifying cleanser, a repairing gel, and a revitalizing cream. Triclear was a well-received product that worked and most customers liked it. Unfortunately, the company has gone out of business and Triclear is no longer available. So what can Triclear customers use instead?

Does Sensiclear Really Clear Acne?

Sensiclear acne treatment Sensiclear acne treatment

Sensiclear is an acne treatment that promises to clear up blemishes in three sensible steps with three separate products.

What Everyone With Acne Needs To Know About Neutrogena Skin ID

Nuetrogena Skin ID Nuetrogena Skin ID

Neutrogena Skin ID is a unique product selection system that asks you 18 questions to direct you to the Neutrogena products that are most likely to heal your skin. In a five-minute skin quiz (there are no wrong answers), the Neutrogena system evaluates your skin care needs and suggests the products you need to clear […]

Murad For Acne Care

Murad Acne Treatment Murad Acne Treatment

Murad Skincare is a company founded by Dr. Howard Murad, a pharmacist, board-certified dermatologist, and a professor of medicine at the University of California at Los Angeles. Murad produces treatments for acne1, aging skin, and cellulite for both teens as well as for adult women and men. Dr. Murad’s treatments focus on hydrating the skin […]

Biore Complexion Clearing Products For Acne Care

Fresh Mint Fresh Mint

Biore is famous for its acne strips. It was one of the first companies to list all of the ingredients for its products on its website. Its complexion clearing products, unfortunately, are more “interesting” than effective. Let’s take a look at the topsellers in this subbrand.

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