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Chemotherapy for Acne?

Chemotherapy for Acne Inversa Chemotherapy for Acne Inversa

We are all familiar with the concept of chemotherapy for cancer. But how could acne ever get so bad that anyone would be willing to undergo chemotherapy to control it? There is one kind of acne for which chemotherapy is rapidly becoming the medically prescribed treatment of choice. That awful acne is a condition known […]

Seven Reasons Why Roaccutane Sometimes Does Not Work

Diet and Roaccutane Diet and Roaccutane

An oral medication and vitamin A derivative called Roaccutane (generic name: isotretinoin) is one of the world’s most commonly prescribed acne treatments. It’s normally used to treat severe forms of acne, such as conglobate acne, nodular acne or acne that has a high risk of leaving permanent scars. And it’s usually recommended after commonly used topical treatments […]

Accutane for Rosacea

Rosacea Treatment Rosacea Treatment

Since 1984, oral isotretinoin, the medication that is still known as Accutane but that has been labeled as Roaccutane since 2009, has been one of the most commonly prescribed medications for severe acne that forms nodules and cysts. Basically a super-charged version of vitamin A, Accutane causes the skin to grow so rapidly that it […]

A New Frontier in Acne Medication

Acne Medication Acne Medication

Dermatological researchers are investigating a new class of medications for treating acne. These drugs are know as peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor agonists, or PPAR agonists (stimulants) for short. This class of new acne treatments contains both great promise and great peril. Before you use them, you need to know about their potential benefits and side effects. […]

A New Antibiotic for Acne?

Nadifloxacin for Acne Nadifloxacin for Acne

Dermatologists are always looking for new antibiotics for acne. Due to a phenomenon known as antibiotic resistance, fewer and fewer people benefit from old antibiotics and new medications are constantly sought. A antibiotic known as nadifloxacin is the latest addition to the armory of antibiotics that fight acne.

When It Comes to Accutane, More Is Not Necessarily Better

Accutane Isotretinoin for Acne Accutane Isotretinoin for Acne

Accutane  is sometimes a miracle drug for cystic acne, but the benefits of the medication come at the cost of side effects. Just a few of the potential side effects of Accutane include:

Do Antibiotics for Acne Really Work?

Antibiotics for Acne Antibiotics for Acne

One of the most influential bloggers about acne in the world, an individual known as Dan, recently blogged about the declining confidence of dermatologists in antibiotic treatments for acne. Many antibiotics that used to work for acne don’t work any more because of antibiotic resistance, Dan correctly points out, and antibiotics never have worked all […]

Will A Birth Control Pill Control Your Acne?

Birth Control Pills for Acne Birth Control Pills for Acne

Millions of women take oral contraceptives so they can plan pregnancies. Most women discover that when they go on the Pill their skin changes, and the right formulation of the Pill can sometimes cure premenstrual acne. Your doctor has to prescribe the best brand of the Pill for your health and your personal choices, but […]

What’s New in Acne Medication?

Coconut Oil and Acne Coconut Oil and Acne

Probably you already know about benzoyl peroxide, Accutane, and minocycline for acne. But have you heard about gold nanoparticles for acne or Compound 71? This article discusses medicine on the horizon for acne treatment.

Zineryt for Acne – A Remedy That Works?

Zineryt Acne Lotion Zineryt Acne Lotion

Zineryt is a combination of two old and reliable remedies for acne, the antibiotic erythromycin and the nutrient zinc, in a convenient lotion form. It is not as fast acting as some other combination treatments for acne, but it’s inexpensive, has few side effects, and usually gets rid of about 2/3 of blemishes in 3 […]

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