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Have Acne and Oily Skin? Read On!

Acne Facial Mask Acne Facial Mask

People used to think that only oily skin got acne, but the truth is, excess oil is only one factor in acne formation. Acne can occur on any skin type, oily, dry, normal, or combination. Treating acne on oily skin, however, requires a different skin care treatment plan and different skin care products than those […]

Face Mask For Acne – What Are The Best Face Mask For Acne?

If you have ever considered using a face mask for acne, you are not alone. They are a popular option for those who want to clear up acne, as well as have beautiful-looking skin. Much of the success you can have with using face masks comes down to which one you are using. The face […]

How to Treat Acne on the Neck

Neck Acne Neck Acne

Hundreds of millions of children have been admonished by their mothers always to wash the backs of their necks. Preventing and treating acne on the neck, however, is not as simple as keeping the neck clean, because almost any form of acne can occur on the neck.

Can Lavender Oil Really Cure Your Acne?

Lavender Oil Acne Treatment Lavender Oil Acne Treatment

Sometimes herbal products can be extremely useful in some skin care applications, and downright harmful in others. Lavender oil for acne is a good example of this principle.

Best Treatments for Latino Acne Problems

latino woman prone to cystic acne latino woman prone to cystic acne

If you were raised in a Hispanic household in the United States, your mother may have sent you to the curandera for acne treatment rather than to the dermatologist. And if your dermatologist is not aware of the special issues of Latino skin care, it sometimes may seem to be a better idea to seek […]

Got Acne? Try These Tips to Fix Your Skin!

toothpaste and acne around the mouth toothpaste and acne around the mouth

You can spend years of your time and thousands of dollars of your money trying to find fixes for common acne problems. Ten of the most common complications of mild to moderate acne, however, are problems you can fix on your own for a minimum expenditure.

Fighting Acne with Duac Cream

Duac Once Daily Gel for Acne Duac Once Daily Gel for Acne

Duac cream is a combination of an acne-fighting antibiotic known as clindamycin and an acne-fighting antiseptic known as benzoyl peroxide. Together these two ingredients get rid of almost all acne bacteria on the skin and in pores and clear up blemishes fast.

Do You Suffer From Acne and Dry Skin?

Dry skin prone to acne Dry skin prone to acne

Acne experts used to think that only people who had oily skin got acne. Some doctors even advised their patients to dry out their skin by working or lying out in the sun to get the deepest tan possible.

The Facts On Treating Acne With Doryx

Doryx acne treatment Doryx acne treatment

Doryx, or doxycycline, is an antibiotic pill used to treat acne and many other kinds of bacterial infection. It is the acne treatment of choice in some parts of Europe, and it is available worldwide.

Differin For Acne – Everything You Need To Know About It And How It Works

A quick Google search for “best acne products” is almost guaranteed to produce several hits recommending Differin for acne. It has become incredibly popular in the last few years as the first topical retinoid treatment available over-the-counter. But what exactly are retinoids, and how do they treat acne? And why is Differin allowed to be […]

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