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I’m A Guy. Can I Use Makeup For Acne? And Other Reader Questions

Acne in Men Questions and Answers Acne in Men Questions and Answers

We’re just getting the forum for this site set up, but our writer Robert Rister has been getting reader questions about acne for over a decade. Here are some classic questions that get asked over and over again.

A New Treatment For Impetigo

Impetigo on Neck Impetigo on Neck

People who pop pimples often are punished by an even more disfiguring skin condition called impetigo. Entering the skin through tiny scratches, nicks, and tears, impetigo can spread all over the body and cause temporary disfigurement that’s a lot worse than acne. Scars and permanent disfigurement from impetigo, fortunately, are rare.

Zeroing In On Xerosis

dry skin acne dry skin acne

Xerosis (pronounced zee-roe-sis) is a chronic condition of dry skin. It’s more common in the elderly than it is in other age groups. One of the odd symptoms of xerosis is the development of acne. Even if you didn’t get whiteheads and blackheads at the age of 17, you just might at 47 or 57 […]

Bonbons For Acne?

Frutels Bonbons for Acne Frutels Bonbons for Acne

If your concept of the ideal way to fight acne is lying on the sofa eating bonbons, then Frutels sounds like the product for you. Frutels has launched a line of edible cosmetics including a chocolate bonbon that is designed to fight acne. The makers of Frutels tell us that their chocolate bonbons stop acne […]

Why Rosacea Is Bugging You?

Domodex Rosacea Domodex Rosacea

One of the most difficult realities about rosacea is that no acne treatment works for everyone who has it. Some people just need to stop drinking hot cocoa and hot coffee, and like magic, they are cured. Some people get good results by taking special precautions to avoid sudden changes in temperature. Usually this means […]

Acne And Your Infant

baby acne baby acne

Many proud mamas and papas are taken back when their beautiful bouncing baby breaks out in acne at about the age of three weeks. Acne doesn’t just come at the very time parents want their newborn to be at his or her most photogenic, it also comes at about the same time that baby becomes […]

Acne By The Numbers

acne treatment costs and dosage acne treatment costs and dosage

There are certain numbers that make a big difference in your acne treatment success. These numbers tell you how much of a product is enough and how much is too much, or how long you need to wait to see results, or what you can reasonably expect from an acne treatment. The cold hard facts […]

Do You Need To See A Dermatologist?

Dermatologist Acne Treatment Dermatologist Acne Treatment

There is no better source of care for acne than a good dermatologist. If you don’t have health insurance, however, and often times even if you do, however, your visits to the dermatologist can total hundreds of dollars per month and thousands of dollars per year.

Acne And Smoking In Women

Woman Smoking and Acne Woman Smoking and Acne

Dermatologists often notice that mature women who have acne also tend to smoke1. This article won’t tell you that you shouldn’t smoke (even though we really think you shouldn’t) but rather what women need to know to keep acne under control if they choose to smoke.

Is A Portable Zit Zapper On The Way?

Zeno Acne Clearing Device Zeno Acne Clearing Device

Hand held devices that purport to remove pimples with heat1 or electricity in just seconds are nothing new. Hand held devices that actually remove pimples a safe, portable laser treatment in just seconds may be on the way soon. University of Michigan professor Dr. Mohammed Islam, who teaches both electrical engineering and internal medicine and […]

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