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Acne And Your Infant

baby acne baby acne

Many proud mamas and papas are taken back when their beautiful bouncing baby breaks out in acne at about the age of three weeks. Acne doesn’t just come at very time parents want their newborn to be at his or her most photogenic, it also comes at about the same time that baby becomes colicky, […]

Acne By The Numbers

acne treatment costs and dosage acne treatment costs and dosage

There are certain numbers that make a big difference in your acne treatment success. These numbers tell you how much of a product is enough and how much is too much, or how long you need to wait to see results, or what you can reasonably expect from an acne treatment. The cold hard facts […]

Do You Need To See A Dermatologist?

Dermatologist Acne Treatment Dermatologist Acne Treatment

There is no better source of care for acne than a good dermatologist. If you don’t have health insurance, however, and often times even if you do, however, your visits to the dermatologist can total hundreds of dollars per month and thousands of dollars per year.

Acne And Smoking In Women

Woman Smoking and Acne Woman Smoking and Acne

Dermatologists often notice that mature women who have acne also tend to smoke. This article won’t tell you that you shouldn’t smoke (even though we really think you shouldn’t) but rather what women need to know to keep acne under control if they choose to smoke.

Is A Portable Zit Zapper On The Way?

Zeno Acne Clearing Device Zeno Acne Clearing Device

Hand held devices that purport to remove pimples with heat or electricity in just seconds are nothing new. Hand held devices that actually remove pimples a safe, portable laser treatment in just seconds may be on the way soon. University of Michigan professor Dr. Mohammed Islam, who teaches both electrical engineering and internal medicine and […]

Acne And Your (US) Income Taxes

US Income Tax form US Income Tax form

People who pay income taxes to the United States sometimes get to take advantage of itemized deductions. The restrictions on the amount you are allowed to include in your itemized deductions for medical care is a lot less than it once was, but since 2010 Americans have been allowed to deduct the cost of some […]

Blasting Away At Acne

Clarisonic Pro for Acne Clarisonic Pro for Acne

If you think you have heard about every technique that has ever been invented for eliminating acne, think again. The latest treatment for the world’s most common skin condition involves blasting away acne with ultrasound.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Red Light Therapy for Acne and Hair Loss Red Light Therapy for Acne and Hair Loss

Millions of women who suffer polycystic ovarian disease, a condition also known as PCOS, display acne as one of their most prominent symptoms. But for about 30 million women in the United States who have polycystic ovarian disease (PCOS) or other hormonal imbalances, an even more disturbing symptom is the loss of hair in a […]

Playing “Let’s Make A Deal” With Your Dermatologist

Aesthetician applying treatment on face Aesthetician applying treatment on face

Acne scar “revisions” and laser treatment of skin roughness and discoloration after acne heals can get really expensive. It is not at all unusual to want treatment before you can afford to pay cash. And it’s not at all unusual to feel like a contestant on TV’s Let’s Make a Deal as you politely tell […]

If You Can’t Afford To See An Aesthetician On Rodeo Drive

Woman with a scarf Woman with a scarf

A few years ago I spent about a year working as a scientific consultant to a company that catered to the rich and beautiful of Beverly Hills. Coming from a background of poor people who had “nice personalites” on a farm in Texas I was not a natural fit, and I realized I wouldn’t be […]

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