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Can Lavender Oil Really Cure Your Acne?

Lavender Oil Acne Treatment Lavender Oil Acne Treatment

Sometimes herbal products can be extremely useful in some skin care applications, and downright harmful in others. Lavender oil for acne is a good example of this principle.

Using Jojoba Oil to Treat Acne

jojoba tree jojoba tree

Is jojoba oil just the thing for treating your acne? The oil extracted from jojoba seeds is extremely similar to human sebum1. Since like dissolves like, jojoba oil is great from removing excessive soft sebum, but it can make hardened sebum deposits in pores even worse. This article will tell you what you need to […]

Ten Homemade Acne Remedies You Probably Haven’t Tried Before

Beet juice to relieve acne Beet juice to relieve acne

If you are searching for the perfect homemade acne remedy and you think you have tried them all, think again. Here are ten homemade acne remedies that you probably have never tried before—and they are all safe and soothing for your skin.

Herbal Acne Remedies: Do They Really Work?

Tea tree oil reduces acne inflammation Tea tree oil reduces acne inflammation

Herbs are natural. Often they are organic. And there are important herbal treatments for acne. Not every herb, however, helps acne. Some actually make acne. And not every herb helps everyone who has the same acne symptoms.

Grapefruit: A Secret Cure For Acne?

Grapefruit seed extract can help treat rosacea Grapefruit seed extract can help treat rosacea

Every few years grapefruit is either praised as a miracle diet food or panned as denounced for its interference with medications. The fact is, grapefruit can be helpful in controlling appetite1, because it can fill up at the cost of very few calories, and grapefruit juice neutralizes enzymes that the liver uses to detoxify some, […]

Essential Oils for Acne – The Role Of Essential Oils In Treating Acne

Using essential oils for acne is an option that you don’t want to overlook if you are battling the condition. On your quest to get beautiful skin, you will find there are many options available, but few of them are as pure and natural as what is offered in essential oils. In recent years, studies […]

Cheap, Efficient Acne Treatments Reviewed

Neutrogena Naturals Cleanser Neutrogena Naturals Cleanser

Fighting acne on a budget is not an impossible task. In fact, the most expensive treatments for acne usually are not as good as moderately priced products. It’s all a matter of knowing what to buy.

Cheap Acne Treatments: Do They Really Work?

Acne treatments break the bank Acne treatments break the bank

Can you fight acne for 10 bucks a week? Yes, you can! It is easy to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on acne products that don’t work or even make your skin worse, but for a small investment you can get rid of1 blemishes for good without having to take out a loan. […]

Using Benzoyl Peroxide to Treat Acne

woman dabbing benzoyl peroxide on face woman dabbing benzoyl peroxide on face

Benzoyl peroxide is the world’s most frequently used treatment for acne infections. The key to success in treating acne with benzoyl peroxide products, however, usually is to use less, not more.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Acne – How Does It Work?

Using apple cider vinegar for acne has increasingly become a popular natural route to treating the condition. If you are looking for a way to treat acne, you are not alone. According to the National Institutes of Health, around 80 percent of people between the ages of 11 and 30 have acne outbreaks at some […]

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