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Naturopathic Acne Treatment – What To Expect And Why

Natural Acne Remedies Natural Acne Remedies

Naturopathic medicine treats acne1 by treating the root of the issue – not the symptoms. By treating the root causes of acne, future breakouts and flare ups are often times also prevented. Naturopathic medicine for acne treatment can also help heal scarring and present a healthier glowing skin. This treatment along with a balanced diet […]

12 Strange Acne Remedies: Some You Might Not Want To Know About

Throughout the years and even today, there have been some pretty weird and wacky ways to address the appearance of acne. From baking soda to dryer sheets, people have tried some pretty odd things. Some of these treatments might seem gross but remember, it worked for someone, somewhere! By no means is this a DIY […]

What Does pH Have To Do With It?

beautiful fair skin beautiful fair skin

How pH may be the first line of defense against acne? Acne is the most common skin disorder1 in the United States today. 40-50 million people visit the dermatologist for just this disorder every year, according to a study done by the American Association of Dermatology. This begs the question, WHY? Even experts haven’t whittled […]

Spironolactone for Acne – How It Works And Should You Try It?

Have you ever considered using spironolactone for acne treatment? It’s okay if you haven’t—it isn’t right for everyone, and it wasn’t even designed to treat acne. However, studies show that it can be effective. For many people, acne is closely tied to fluctuations in hormones, meaning topical treatment is only playing catch-up, never solving the […]

Acne And The Scientific Ingenuity Of Nitric Oxide

Nanotechnology Research for Acne Nanotechnology Research for Acne

For people with acne, there is always a newer and trendier treatment or breakthrough method1. With novelty comes skepticism. For chronic acne suffers, there is a certain weariness that comes from hearing people sing the praises of new treatments. As they have seen many new treatments come and go, and many fail to deliver. If […]

Acne And How It Can Affect Your Career

Waiting for Job Interview Waiting for Job Interview

Does acne negatively affect your career? Suffering from acne can be hard enough on your social life1. But if you have the feeling that it may be affecting your career too, new evidence says you may be right. Having acne can affect your career path in a variety of ways2. If acne makes you feel […]

Acne Scar Treatments And Bellafill

Acne Free African Woman Acne Free African Woman

Acne scars can be an embarrassing1 thing to live with day in and day out. They can negatively impact your self-esteem2 and in extreme cases, they can be absolutely debilitating to the way you view yourself3. It’s no surprise then that the medical field has been constant in their search for the best way to […]

Is Acne Hereditary?

Genetics and Acne Genetics and Acne

Growing up as a kid, did you have severe acne? What about mild acne? Are you worried about your children getting acne? Worried they will go through the same struggles with it like you did? This is a common concern among parents. Growing up with acne can be really tough and in extreme cases, even […]

Can You Prevent Your Child From Getting Acne?

Teenage Acne Prevention Teenage Acne Prevention

While children can get acne1, it is most prevalent in teenagers going through puberty. Acne can cause insecurities, depression and overall low self-esteem in many teens. Is it possible to prevent your child from getting acne? Unfortunately there’s not a guaranteed solution to prevent acne because acne is caused by overactive oil glands. Fortunately though, […]

Acne Remedies Throughout History

Surprising Acne Home Remedies Surprising Acne Home Remedies

Have you ever seen a classic portrait of someone with acne? Why is it that paintings from 300 plus years ago exclude those troublesome bumps? Did our ancestors know something about acne treatment that we don’t know? Did painters look past these blemishes and use the first form of picture editing? Here are some acne […]

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