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Top Treatments for Acne Prone Skin

nose and cheek acne nose and cheek acne

Nearly everyone has acne at sometime between the ages of 7 and 22. It may be mild, or it may be severe. It might just cause embarrassing whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples, or it might leave debilitating scars, nodules, and cysts.

Which Acne Products Are Best for Your Skin?

washing with soap and water prevents acne washing with soap and water prevents acne

Buying anything less than the best acne products can be a very expensive proposition. It is possible for you to spend more on acne care than you spend on vacations, electronics, your car, or even your rent or mortgage. And besides taking all your money, anything less than the best acne products can cause endless […]

Solutions to Your Acne Problem Skin

dry skin acne treatment dry skin acne treatment

Some people are blessed with skin that never wrinkles and that springs right back after acne. Acne and problem skin, however, require special solutions. The two types of skin that suffer the most acne problems are very fair and very dark.

Pregnancy Acne – What Are The Best Pregnancy Acne Treatment Options?

Most people have heard of something called “pregnancy glow,” a phenomenon where a woman’s skin seems to glow during pregnancy. Most people have heard of something called “pregnancy glow,” a phenomenon where a woman’s skin seems to glow during pregnancy.

Although it goes by its own name, pregnancy acne is really just normal acne brought on by the intense hormone fluctuations during pregnancy. If you haven’t had acne since high school, it can be frustrating when it makes a reappearance, especially at a time when your body is already going through so many other changes, […]

Is There a Simple Acne Pill?

vitamin b5 for acne vitamin b5 for acne

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just pop a pill and make your acne go away. Some products promise just that, but as the advertising usually says, “your results may vary.” Let’s take a look at some of the most popular acne pills and how they work.

Will a Chemical Peel Cure Your Acne and Scars?

chemical peels chemical peels

Using chemicals to strip off dead cells from the surface of the skin is a highly effective, if somewhat risky, way to accelerate the healing of active acne and old scars. There are products you can only get at a doctor’s office or a spa, and there are products you can use at home. Not […]

The Not-So-Awesome Acne Patch

acne bacteria acne bacteria

Acne patches promise you on-the-spot treatment of nasty zits, but some brands work better than others. Here is a quick review of the best and worst acne patch products.

Acne Pads: How Well Do They Really Work?

clearasil acne wipes clearasil acne wipes

Acne pads are the cheapest way to treat acne. Unfortunately, acne pads are often the worst way to treat acne. Finding the right acne pad requires doing your homework—or letting us do it for you.

Preventing or Treating Acne Outbreaks

acne diagnosis acne diagnosis

Do you spend hours and hours on skin care but still suffer sudden acne breakouts that seem to happen for no reason at all? The fact is, some of the things well-intentioned experts recommend for treating acne actually make it worse. Knowing what causes your breakouts is essential to stopping them.

Acne No More Review

acne research acne no more acne research acne no more

Will your acne be no more if you use Acne No More? The book of the same name describing a popular acne treatment system is primarily a set of instructions an acne detox—and it won’t work for everybody. This article will help you decide if it will work for you.

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