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Could a Colon Cleanse Really Cure Acne?

By Megan Griffith

Reviewed for medical accuracy by Dr. Jaggi Rao,
MD, FRCPC Double board-certified dermatologist

Can a colon cleanse clear up acne? Unless you somehow managed to get acne in your colon, the answer is no, but colon health actually is important to your complexion.

colon cleansers and acne
Cleansing your colon will not cure your acne, but having healthy bacteria in your colon can reduce blemishes on your skin.


  • Promoters of colonic irrigation and colon cleansing make false claims that are disproved by millions of colon exams.
  • Colon cleanses are usually formulated to keep you buying more, not to cleanse your colon.
  • Regularity is good for your health, but the easiest way to avoid constipation is simply to eat less at each meal.
  • Probiotic bacteria from yogurt (either milk or soy) with live cultures train your immune system to fight infection with less inflammation.
  • Healthy bacteria in your colon will reduce blemishes on your skin—unless you flush the healthy bacteria away.

Do Colons Really Need Cleansing?

For over 50 years, alternative healers, primarily in Germany and the United States, have touted the benefits of colon cleansing. Before the invention of colonoscopy, the claim used to be made that tiny bits of food, or not so tiny bits of food, would escape digestion and implant themselves in the lining of the colon1. More and more undigested food would build up until eventually a pot belly appeared, and “toxins” would accumulate, making other organs sick.

With the advent of colonoscopy in the 1980’s, that claim was disproved. In millions of colonoscopies, no one ever found undigested food from decades earlier. But neither had the practitioners of colonic irrigation ever found hardened, ancient, undigested food. That didn’t keep them from making the false claim.

After the public learned that the claims about undigested food were false2, the promoters of colon cleansers started talking about “toxins.” Slow-moving digestion, they claimed, allowed bacteria to ferment food and to create toxic byproducts that poisoned the rest of the body. Also, these toxins made you fat. Just take their colon cleanser every day and you will stay well.

How the Colon Cleanser Scam Works

You would think that if your colon were clogged, then cleaning it out would solve the problem. That is the last thing the makers of colon cleansers want to happen.

Most colon cleansers provide3 about 1 gram of fiber in however many capsules are used for a daily dose of the product. This is just enough to make a tiny difference in the texture of stools if you eat no fruit and vegetables at all (and you are not usually encouraged to eat fruits and vegetables). The cleansers also contain tiny amounts of senna, rhubarb root, aloe bitters, or chemical laxatives. But the idea is not for you to have a big bowel movement and say to yourself “OK, I’m well now.”

The idea is to give you cramps and gas so you think your colon must be getting better, and you keep buying the product month after month after month. The product you buy for about $29.99 a month costs the manufacturer about $0.20 for raw materials, and $1 for the bottle.

But Isn’t Regularity Important?

How fast food passes through your colon4 does have an impact on your health5. The faster food moves through your lower digestive tract, the fewer calories are absorbed. The faster food moves through your colon, the less your pancreas is stimulated to produce insulin6. The less insulin there is in your bloodstream, the less fat you store around your waste.

The way to make sure food passes through your digestive tract quickly, however, is not to take a colon cleanser, bulking agent, or laxative. The way to make sure food passes through your digestive tract quickly is to eat less! And there are certain foods that help maintain both the health of your colon and clear up your complexion.

Probiotics for Colon Health and Skin Health

Probiotic bacteria8, especially strains of Lactobacillus acidophilous, fight off disease-causing bacteria7 and also train the immune system to fight infection with a minimum of infection. Their interaction with the immune system is very important for keeping a clear complexion.

Even when pores are free of excessive bacteria, inflammation can cause blemishes9. Minor inflammation is involved in the formation of whiteheads and blackheads. Greater inflammation is involved in the formation of pimples, nodules, and cysts. Acne bacteria do not cause this inflammation. The immune system does after it receives a hormonal “distress” signal from the skin, which may be generated even when bacteria are not present. This hormone, corticotrophin stimulating hormone, causes the release of interleukin-8 and histamine, which in turn inflame the skin. The immune system gets rid of bacteria by killing skin along with them.

When Lactobacillus acidophilous bacteria colonize the colon, the immune system attempts to get rid of them, too. When nerves in the lining of the colon fail to send the hormonal “distress signal,” however, the immune system does not release inflammatory chemicals. The interaction of the immune system with healthy bacteria in the colon trains the immune system not to overreact to acne bacteria in pores10. You’ll also feel better in general as your body generates fewer inflammatory chemicals in response to stress of all kinds. This is good for you, and it’s also good for the Lactobacillus in your colon.

What would happen to these helpful bacteria if you did a colonic irrigation or if you were to take a colon cleanse product that actually worked (although there’s not a very high possibility of that)? You would flush the helpful bacteria down into the sewer! For this reason, colonic irrigation and colon cleanses often make your complexion worse, and almost never make it better.

What to Do Instead of a Colon Cleanse

If you have constipation, try drinking more water. Then take a probiotic supplement11 or start eating tiny servings of yogurt (either milk or soy will work) that has live cultures. If the product has been pasteurized so that all the bacteria, including healthy bacteria, have been killed, it really won’t do you any good. It is usually best to eat yogurt with a meal, so less stomach acid has a chance to dissolve the probiotic bacteria taking a ride along with food into your colon. Don’t eat yogurt at the same meal you eat soup, because soup takes a long time to digest and fewer healthy bacteria will survive transit through your stomach.

What about yogurt face masks? Painting your face with yogurt that contains live cultures and allowing the mask to stay on your face for at least 30 minutes loosens dead skin that may be tightening pores. The lactic acid in yogurt does this. Half an hour is not long enough for probiotic bacteria on your skin to interact with your immune system on the face, however, so you will need to eat the bacteria for them to reduce inflammation.


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pascal yang Reply

Why clearing the skin of acne is difficult is because it is quite a complicated thing to do. You just have to find out what works best for you. Simple thing like taking high dosage of Vitamin D3 (not other D only D3) can work miracle in many cases. If you had antibiotic treatment any time in your life then it is likely your gut is lacking in certain microbes to help the skin keep clear or from inflammation. I think doctor today can examine your stool (your faeces) to find out which particular microbes are missing. I think it even cure your arthritis , yes I believe it does I don't know how., It also makes people fat or thin . Well, check it out and you will be surprise how we overlook this part of the body for improving our health.

January 14, 2014 at 8:12 am Reply
Ms. Coffee Reply

Dear Pascal. Yang, My arthritis is getting worse. In discussing this with my coworker, she told me that her doctor prescribed 1,000 milligrams of D3 everyday, and 50,000 milligrams of D3 once a week, for her arthritis. She has been taking the recommended doses and says she has less joint pain and inflammation.I I've been reading articles about gut health. I had a colonoscopy, and colon cleansing, but still have acne. Antibiotics have not worked for me to clear up my skin. Therefore, I will definitely get a stool analysis, to find out which particular microbes are missing. I will also up my D3. Pascal. Yang, thank you for sharing your research and advice.Ms. Coffee

May 1, 2015 at 3:29 am Reply
Ms. Coffee Reply

This is powerful need to know information that I am adding to my Favorites, to review on a regular basis.Thank you for your kindly providing pages of practical and timely advice to save readers on a budget; money spent on useless medical acne products, wasted doctors visits, scams and unproven cures that don't work.

May 1, 2015 at 3:41 am Reply

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