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Helping People Achieve Clear Skin Since 2007

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Daily Beauty Habits For Flawless Skin

By Dr. Jaggi Rao, MD, FRCPC, Double board-certified dermatologist

We all want perfect skin. On the other hand, we all have to deal with skin problems on a daily basis. You may wonder how your friend maintains her glowing complexion, or how your co-worker’s skin never seems to break out. Although flawless skin may seem like an unattainable dream, it is not! All that is needed is a top-notch skincare routine to follow every day.

Our beauty depends on our daily beauty habits.

Using The Right Cleanser For Your Skin-type

While your friend’s skin may suddenly be glowing because of her new cleanser, not everyone’s skin will react the same way. This means that using this particular product may not necessarily have the same outcome for you. You must always keep in mind that skin-types can differ immensely. If your skin is oily and prone to acne, you may want to opt for saliycylic gel  or benzoyl peroxide. On the other hand, dry skin may need a more moisturizing product, such as a milky cleanser. Spotted skin is best cleansed by alpha hydroxy acid cleanser or similar kinds of brightening products. To each his own!

Still, remember to never drench your skin in too many products, all at once. One or two skincare products can work miracles, while using four or five of them can affect your skin’s ability to breathe. This leads to clogged pores, pimples, and all the other little unpleasantries we strive to avoid.

Moreover, while new and popular skincare products can seem appealing because of the hype they cause, it is more important to stick to established, traditional ingredients, which are already proven to take care of your skin.

Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliating may seem like a chore, but it is priceless in providing you with that silky, radiant skin you dream of. Exfoliating your face, as well as your body, helps you get rid of the millions of dead skin cells which needlessly stick to your skin. To regularly renew your complexion, adopt a routine of exfoliating several times a week. For ideal results, and avoiding dry skin, go for a product with a neutral pH.

Never Skip Moisturizing

Yes, the advice your mom swore by is, indeed, true. Moisturizing every morning and every evening is an irreplaceable cure for your needy skin. Using moisturizer right after showering is especially beneficial, as your skin’s open pores can absorb the substance more easily. Applying cream before going to sleep at night is also useful, since the moisturizer has plenty of time to sink into your skin. In order to avoid irritation, opt for mild, everyday lotions, and stay away from heavily scented creams.

Never Skip The Sunscreen

The misconception that protecting your face from the sun’s rays is only necessary on hot summer days can lead to various sun-related issues. Although you cannot always see the sun through the clouds, it is always there – how else would we have daylight? For this reason, your skin must be protected from its UV rays at all times, all year round. This means applying it before your winter morning jog, as carefully as you apply it before a beach day in August. The cost of skipping sunscreen ranges between wrinkles and other signs of aging, and long-term health problems such as skin cancer. Do not forget to frequently re-apply it and opt for a protective cream with a broad-spectrum SPF, starting at 30.

To achieve optimum results, do not forget to accessorize. While sunscreen protects your skin to a certain extent, nothing beats the way sunglasses and hats take care of your face.

The Sun Is Not The Only Heat-based Enemy

When you expose your skin to any sort of source of heat, it can respond with irritation, a breakout, or even with the gradual breakdown of its collagen. In practice, this means that flawless skin requires staying away from fireplaces, heaters, open fires, etc. You should always put at least three meters distance between you and heat. This means that while you may have to wear your extra sweater at the camping site, you will wake up with perfect skin the next morning, untainted by the hot temperature.

Resist The Temptation To Touch Your Face

You have followed all advice, have an impeccable daily skincare routine, and simply cannot help but wanting to feel your newly-smooth skin with your fingers. Resist this temptation. No matter how many times you wash your hands, they still carry bacteria, which may cause skin irritation or a breakout. Even worse, touching your face can lead to a higher chance of wrinkles, or even to the flu. Enjoy your perfect skin in the mirror, and the rest of the time allow the admiring stares of your colleagues to remind you of your flawlessness.

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

Frequently hydrating your body is probably the biggest gift you can give to your perfect skin. Unfortunately though, the liquids that help your skin shine are not caffeine-based. Instead, chlorophyll-based concoctions can be the cure to that morning puffiness. A small cup of chlorophyll, a chlorophyll supplement, or, simply, fresh vegetable juice, can hydrate and oxygenate your skin – brightening it, and making you look as energetic as ever. Because this substance impacts the lymphatic system, this trick can also help reduce puffiness on your entire body, such as cellulite. Experts claim chlorophyll can reduce puffiness in the span of several days! Who needs coffee when you have glowing skin?

Moreover, hydrating your body also means hydrating your face. Cleansing and moisturizing products can keep your skin glowing with their water-based formulas. Still, the best thing you can do is drink two liters of water per day, every day. This provides your face with radiance and diminishes wrinkles. Your skin will thank you.

The Right Diet

Although it may feel like it sometimes, your skin is not working against you. In fact, skin sports a natural barrier which serves to hold on to moisture – which is essential for glowing skin. In order to maintain this layer, it is crucial to cut down on both simple and complex carbohydrates. This means that skipping the slice of bread which normally accompanies your office lunch soup may be the trick to flawless skin! Additionally, because skin moisture is retained with the help of omega-3 fatty acid, sprinkling flax seeds or walnuts on your lunch salad can be just what your skin needs.

Your skin needs the right diet, too

While ingesting your vitamins via delicious food sounds great, it is also important to feed your skin. Yes, your face is in need of vitamins, as well. The best way to provide these is by applying topical products, which contain antioxidants and other nourishing components. Moreover, products which contain skincare vitamins also mend any damage from exposure to UV rays. Apply these after cleansing in the morning or at night, or lather them under your daily sunscreen and make-up.

Cleaning Your Make-up Supplies

While cleansing your face is crucial to any skincare routine, cleaning your make-up brushes is important, too. Daily usage of your foundation and contouring brushes can cover them in bacteria and dust particles. In order to avoid clogging your pores with these, you should clean your brushes anywhere between once a week to once a month – depending on the frequency of usage.

After wetting the brush with lukewarm water, simply rub its bristles in your palm. For better cleansing, add some mild shampoo to the brush before running it against your hand. Try not to wet the base of the brush hairs, so that the glue that keeps them intact does not melt. Once the bristles look clean, rinse them, and lightly dab the remaining water using a soft towel. Before use, allow your make-up brushes to dry by laying them on their side. If you take care of your make-up utensils, they will take care of you, too.

Let Your Skin Rest

If you are striving for that perfect skin, you must already be getting those golden eight hours of sleep per night. But are you sleeping right? While this may seem like an afterthought, ensuring that your pillowcases are fresh and clean can do miracles for your complexion. Specifically, silk pillowcases allow your skin to smoothly glide on their surface, without causing any wrinkles. What is more, a silky pillowcase can benefit your hair, too. The even-textured material prevents those dreaded tangles after a night of sleep. Not only will you get better skin, but also hair that is easier to manage. Sounds good to us.

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