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Geranium Oil and The Incredible Benefits for Your Skin

What is geranium? Granted, it is a gorgeous flower that adds color to any flowerpot or garden. But you may not know that it is also an excellent natural product for solving your skin problems. Using a beautiful plant to do away with a bothersome skin ailment? Sign us up!

Geranium oil has healing properties and can be used as antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic.

However, you must already know of countless natural remedies for acne. Between herbs, fruits and other flowers, how can you decide which one is best for you? Indeed, geranium is a special kind of flower due to its numerous beneficial properties for your entire being1. It can not only help your skin, but also your entire body and even your mind. For instance, ancient peoples made use of geranium against cancerous growths, but also against things like depression and stress, insomnia and even symptoms of the common flu. For our purposes, it is also employed in curing a myriad of skin conditions. Even the mighty Egyptians used it against sicknesses, as well as against beauty-related complaints.

Although the colors and scent of the flower are beautiful, it is its inner potential that can benefit you in unimaginable ways. This flower is full of potential to cure bacterial and fungal infections and to diminish the effects of any sort of nasty breakout. It can also relieve more severe conditions, such as allergic rashes and eczema. This means that even if you feel like your skin is on fire and nothing can help you, you might just find your miraculous remedy in the face of this delicate flower.

Even if you do not suffer from a major skin condition, this natural product is excellent for providing you with general skincare2. That is because it is able to blend any blemishes back into your skin, to even out your complexion, and even to diminish scarification from old skin-related troubles. Last but not least, geranium is a skilled toner which means that it can slow down aging, while tightening and rejuvenating your skin. Yes, that means it can get rid of wrinkles, too! Overall, geranium essential oil is a winner in our books any way you look at it. It’s thus pretty bewildering that its healing powers are not more widely known, isn’t it?

So, how does it all work? Geranium is a natural antibiotic, so it defeats any free-flowing radicals which are causing you infections. It is also a capable killer of the bad kinds of bacteria3 which pester your skin. In regards to pimples, geranium oil regulates your natural oils, making sure that your face does not become covered in unnecessarily produced sebum. Regardless of the exact kind of skin you have, this special flower can truly help you soothe it to its core.

Geranium is a part of the Pelargonium Graveolens plant genus which encompasses hundreds of flower types. Some of these are as beneficial as geranium, and some – less so.

While the flower’s petals are mesmerizing to look at, we use the plant’s extracted essential oil. This is made out of the less remarkable parts of the geranium which are its stems and leaves. These are distilled using smoke, for the purposes of providing us with the flower’s countless health benefits.

Geranium And Acne

As with most natural products, there is little scientific proof of the achievements of geranium in the battle with skin problems. You simply have to try it out on yourself. Luckily, large numbers of people testify to its healing characteristics.

Geranium is able to help you diminish your acne primarily due to its ability to fight inflammation. Its monoterpenes actively fight the infection in your pores. The plant effectively cleanses your complexion with its monoterpenoid compounds, geraniol and citronellol. Both of these are effective fighters against germs that cause you acne, so geranium can be proven to work, in this way. Furthermore, these two compounds represent antioxidants4 which decrease the effect of any excessive natural oils onto your skin – especially when this is due to extensive exposure to sunlight.

Create Your Own Homemade Geranium Serum

Ultimately, even though little scientific experimentation has been done on the benefits of the plant for your skin, it becomes clear that these are numerous and intense. If you are convinced, or at least, willing to try, read on to find out a few ways in which you can use this pretty flower to your advantage.

First and foremost, it is important to note that as geranium oil is a dense, potent oil, it should be applied in combination with another substance, such as a carrier oil – especially when it comes to sensitive, irritated skin.

You can use the oil in a simple mixture with water to produce your own home-made toner. Use 100ml of water and 2ml of the geranium oil, mixing them into small-sized spraying container. Shake this up every time you are about to use it, and enjoy its benefits, as well as its calming, flowery scent. Remember, the sweet smell of geranium has been used during aromatherapy in the hopes of combating anxiety and depression. Not only will you be topically remedying your acne, but you may also be healing it from the inside. This is because recurring breakouts are often caused by stress and bodily tension – using geranium oil can therefore only benefit you in your on-going battle against acne.

If you are suffering from severe irritation, you might want to create a massage oil with the extra-soothing aloe vera5. Mix just a couple of drops of the flower’s oil with two to three teaspoons of aloe vera gel. Lather this onto your skin on a daily basis, after thoroughly cleansing your hands.

If you are looking for a carrier that will absorb quickly during your busy weekdays, opt for mixing geranium with avocado oil. Mix in 100ml of avocado oil of the cold pressed kind with 2ml of geranium essential oil. Gently rub this into your affected area with clean hands and enjoy its soothing properties.

Other Uses Of Geranium Oil

If you feel like going ‘all out’, invest some time into making a geranium essential oil face mask. Mix in eight or so drops of the oil with half less drops of oil from patchouli. Pour these into a small bowl of water and a tablespoon of cosmetic clay. We recommend going for rosewater to combat aging6, as well as opting for the green kind of clay. Massage the paste into your face and let is sit until hardened, upon which you should remove it with some cool water.

Geranium can also be beneficial for your hair! If you are craving some long, luscious locks in addition to smoother skin, mix some rosewater with geranium oil and keep this in a dark bottle in your fridge. Whenever you feel like you need a boost, just spray some of it into your hair.

If all of this sounds like too much work, you can also buy similar mixtures from your local drugstore. Just drop equal amounts of geranium oil, frankincense, rose hip oil and lemon oil into a dark flask and apply onto your face whenever you feel the need to.

Use With Caution

As with any products, you should remember to try out some of the oil onto the inside of your elbow, so as to avoid any unpleasant reactions for your skin7. As explained, while researchers have not necessarily confirmed that the essential oil is a potent fighter against acne, it is known that the flower, itself, possesses various germ-killing properties. Even if no scientists have confirmed it, many Internet respondents suffering from acne swear by it. In the end, if it doesn’t work for your particular sort of problem and skin type, at least you’ll have obtained a lovely-scented body spray!


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