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How To Get The Most Beauty Out Of Your Beauty Sleep

You probably know your daytime beauty routine by heart. But what about your nighttime routine for better hair and skin? The resources you commit to your beauty during the day can be equally important as those you commit to at night.

Sleeping allows the skin to recover its moisture.

Regulate Your Sleeping Position

According to simple physics, wrinkles are more likely to form when the skin is furrowed one way or another. In fact, sleeping on one side or on the other can result in extra wrinkles on that particular side of the face. To avoid creasing your skin during the night, avoid sleeping on your side or face-down. Instead, focus on falling asleep on your back – this way, your face will remain untouched by your pillow and will rest in its natural position. What is more, facing up as you sleep prevents the retaining of water around your eyes – ridding you of the dreaded morning puffiness.

Invest In A Silky Pillowcase

A silk or satin pillowcase can do miracles for both your skin and your hair. The smooth texture of these materials allows your face to rest comfortably on the pillow, without forcing any creases to form on your skin. This prevents those dreaded wrinkles, or at least delays them – until they begin occurring naturally. Silk and satin pillowcases furthermore allow your hair to spread naturally all over your pillow, instead of letting friction with a more rough material tangle or break your strands.

Another tip is to not sleep on the same pillowcase for too long. Toss it in the wash twice a week to evade the bacteria that builds up on its surface. If you skip a wash cycle, make sure to at least flip your pillow to the cleaner side.

Hair Tricks

Do you wake up with an oily complexion in the mornings? That could be because your hair reaches down to your face during the night and spreads its natural oils onto it. The solution is simple – tie your hair up in a bun before bed to keep it in its place. Keep the bun loose to avoid any breakage. Alternatively, wrap your mane in a soft, silky scarf in order to maintain its natural health and beauty overnight.

Hydration Is The Answer

Although you do not want your face to retain excessive water, your skin still needs to be moisturized during the night. Use an anti-aging night cream with hyaluronic acid, so as to hydrate as much as possible and evade wrinkles. But the devil is in the details – apply lip balm on your lips before bed, as well as lash conditioner on your eyelashes, for a fresh look in the a.m. If this sounds like too much effort, remember that while you rest at night, your body takes this time to recover and rejuvenate.

Hydration, Hydration And More Hydration

You may already see a pattern – hydrating your skin is one of the most powerful steps you can take on your quest to long-lasting beauty. Because you cannot drink water while you sleep, invest in a humidifier to moisturize your skin for you. Make sure to specifically keep it on during the winter months, as winter’s rough air tends to dry out even the most resilient skin type.

No Party Before Bedtime

Speaking of hydration, something that prevents your body from putting water to a good use is alcohol. Both booze and salt dehydrate your skin – this can become visible as your eyes puff up due to the collected liquids. Avoid little indulgences like a glass of white wine or salty snacks before bed and you will be the sleeping beauty you strive to be.

Clean Up Before Bed

The golden rule is valid here, too. Never go to bed without taking off your makeup. Leaving beauty products on your face for eight hours is a perfect recipe for clogged pores and eventual zit breakouts in the morning. Instead, take a few minutes to cleanse your complexion every evening and your fresh face will thank you the next day.

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