Helping People Achieve Clear Skin Since 2007

Helping People Achieve Clear Skin Since 2007

Using Soap to Cure Acne – It Really Works!

soap and water for acne soap and water for acne

Are you trying to treat acne on a budget? You really can cleanse your face with soap and water. The key is using the right kind of soap. Summary: Even soap and water can cleanse acne-affected skin, but choosing the right acne soap is essential. Big bubbles and foamy lathers of soap usually damage sensitive […]

Best Acne Skin Care Practices for Acne Sufferers

If you are still trying to scrub your zits away, you need some updated tips for acne skin care. Here are seven of the most important, and most frequently overlooked, tips for keeping skin blemish free without creating different skin problems in the process. Summary: Relaxing your skin can start in your stomach. A little […]

Why You Should Avoid Rubbing Alcohol When It Comes to Acne Treatment

Benzoyl peroxide is officially the world’s most frequently used acne treatment, 🌎 but rubbing alcohol (which is also known as isopropyl alcohol) is probably a close second. Rubbing alcohol feels good on the skin, but it is does not make the skin look better. Summary Rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) 🧴 is the world’s most commonly […]

Are Acne Pads a Useful Form of Acne Treatment?

Acne pads are the cheapest way to treat acne. Unfortunately, acne pads are also often the worst way to treat acne. 🔎 Finding the right acne pad requires doing your homework—or letting us do it for you. Summary Acne pads are an inexpensive way to fight acne, 🤺 but they are not usually very effective. Acne […]

Could Moisturizer Be the Answer to Your Acne Issue?

Common sense tells us that curing acne is a matter of drying up the skin. Countless skin care experts 👩🏻‍⚕️👨‍⚕️👨🏽‍⚕️👩🏾‍⚕️ tell us that everyone who has acne needs a moisturizer. And both pieces of advice are correct in their own way. If you have acne, especially if you have the kind of acne that causes […]

Egg Whites for Acne

egg white acne mask egg white acne mask

Egg whites are often used in homemade facial masks for treating acne. They are cheap, they are effective, and they don’t require any special skill or expensive ingredients. The best egg white facials, however, don’t use just egg whites. Summary: Egg whites can be used to make a facial mask that helps reduce discoloration of […]

Can You Really Detox Acne Away?

colon cleansing treatment for acne colon cleansing treatment for acne

Many natural health experts tell us that redness and pimples on the skin are caused by poisons in the body trying to break out, and the best way to get rid of acne for good is to do an acne detox. The kind of acne detox that really works, however, is a great deal different […]

Books About Acne That Actually Contain Useful Advice

acne books acne books

Writers of acne books often promise overnight cures of skin care issues you have had for weeks, months, or years. No acne book can tell you how to cure acne in 24 hours or less, but some acne books are better than others. Let’s take a look at the bestsellers. Summary: Some acne books offer […]

Should You Incorporate Baking Soda Into Your Acne Treatment Routine?

If you have acne, you know there are a million different products claiming to be the magical cure for your blackheads, whiteheads, and zits. ⚫⚪🔴 But which ones really work? Can you really use baking soda for acne? Should you buy over-the-counter acne treatments? Or would it be better to see a dermatologist for prescription […]

The Anti-Acne Apple Diet

eating apples prevents acne eating apples prevents acne

Can an apple a day keep the dermatologist away? No matter how light your acne, an apple diet won’t get rid of blemishes overnight. You still have to do basic skin care. This remarkable, inexpensive, and widely available fruit, however, can do a great deal to reduce inflammation in your skin. Summary: An apple a […]