Helping People Achieve Clear Skin Since 2007

Helping People Achieve Clear Skin Since 2007

I’m A Guy. Can I Use Makeup For Acne? And Other Reader Questions

Acne in Men Questions and Answers Acne in Men Questions and Answers

We’re just getting the forum for this site set up, but our writer Robert Rister has been getting reader questions about acne for over a decade. Here are some classic questions that get asked over and over again. Q. I’m a guy. Can I use makeup to cover up my acne? A. Guys like Brad […]

Gentle and Effective: How to Treat Acne with Calendula

Marigold as an Acne Treatment Marigold as an Acne Treatment

When we talk about natural treatments for acne, we usually talk about tea tree oil. But the preparation of marigold petals known as calendula also has potent anti-inflammatory power for calendula. What Is Calendula? The species of marigold used to make calendula skin care products is Calendula officinalis, which is also known as a pot […]

A New Foaming Skin Treatment For Rosacea

choose acne treatments choose acne treatments

A new form of an old treatment for rosacea is getting extraordinary results. It’s based on azelaic acid, a product that sometimes gets good results in treating rosacea and sometimes doesn’t. The new foaming formula, however, may be exactly what is needed to make azelaic acid more effective for more people who have rosacea. Other […]

Treating Bacterial Overgrowth May Relieve Rosacea

Bacteria in the Intestines Bacteria in the Intestines

Nearly 50% of people who have rosacea also have a condition known as small intestine bacterial overgrowth, or SIBO. In one small study, 100% of people who have ocular rosacea (which can cause red and puffy eyelids, a feeling of grittiness in the eyes, eye pain, and sensitivity to light) have the predisposing condition. What […]

Superfoods For Acne: How Changing Your Diet Could Improve Your Skin

Superfood for Acne Pomegranate Superfood for Acne Pomegranate

If you have been in the natural products and natural foods industry for a while, you have probably seen a lot of “superfoods” come and go. Generally, the peddlers of superfoods want to convince everyone who has money left on their credits cards that their superfood is the one and only natural treatment for any […]

Acne Tips for a Last-Minute Breakout Before a Big Date

Steroid Injections for acne Steroid Injections for acne

You have a date tomorrow night, but a huge, red, ugly pimple just popped up? How can you get rid of it in time? Pimple emergencies happen to everyone who has acne. There are easier ways and harder ways to get rid of, or at least cover up, pimples before an important occasion. Let’s talk […]

Emergency Concealer Tips and Tricks For Dealing With a Breakout On Prom Night

Concealer for acne Concealer for acne

Pimples cause panic for millions of teens going on a big date for prom night. Many of the things teens do to get rid of pimples actually make them worse, but here are three pimple emergency tactics for prom night that really work. Summary: Don’t panic about pimples. There are several good ways to keep […]

9 Homemade Acne Treatments That Will Help Clear Your Skin

Baking Soda and Acne Baking Soda and Acne

If you are fighting acne on a limited budget, you need to know that it really is possible to get rid of acne with homemade acne treatments. No homemade acne treatment is going to get rid of all of your blemishes in a week or even in a month, but no prescription acne treatment or […]

The Most Effective Way to Use Natural Skin Care For Acne

Green Tea for Acne Green Tea for Acne

This website follows a “use what works” approach to acne care, recommending whatever accomplishes the greatest healing benefits at the lowest cost with the fewest side effects. This article looks at how natural skin care fits into that equation. Summary: Natural products don’t always produce the best results in acne care. Some natural products reliably […]

Even More Acne Home Remedies That Really Work

acne home remedies acne home remedies

There are certain acne home remedies that just about everyone knows. Make a milk and honey mask. Exfoliate tight skin around blackheads with apple cider vinegar. Run a humidifier or vaporizer to help your skin retain moisture so it can stay flexible. But there are even more home remedies for acne that you probably never […]

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