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The Ideal Moisturizer For Your Skin Type

There is nothing like a good moisturizer to get you to that radiant, healthy skin tone you dream of. But how are you supposed to choose the right product for your exact complexion? After all, the wrong type of moisturizer can lead to further skin problems1, while the right one can do miracles for your face and body. For that reason, we have compiled a list of the types of moisturizers, so that you can find the one that bests suits you and your skin goal.

Using the right kind of moisturizer for your skin can help maintain its balance because if the skin is too dry or too oily, it can might trigger an acne.

Moisturize With Liquid Serum

If you are looking for a light product, but still want to ensure that you are fully hydrated, opt for a serum, instead. This liquid concoction brings you all the needed active ingredients for a smooth complexion, without burdening your skin with a creamy substance. Serums do the job without any additional products, and can help fight wrinkles2 and spotting.

Spritz Some Face Mist On!

Face mists prove that moisturizing can be fun. These water-based sprays are super light on your skin and serve to freshen up your face on the go. While they feed your complexion with necessary vitamins, they are not enough to keep you going all day. This means that you should additionally deeply moisturize either in the morning or in the night. Still, face mists can provide much needed hydration3, so that you can glow even throughout your busiest days.

Step It Up With A Lotion

For long-lasting hydration throughout the day, go for a lotion which suits your skin type. This product represents the golden mean of moisturizers, as it is neither too light, which could diminish the result, nor too heavy, which could needlessly drench your skin. This option is suitable for normal skin, so if you place your complexion within this skin type bracket, then this is the solution for you. Remember to go for the noncomedogenic variety4, so that your pores do not end up clogged by this hydrating remedy.

Go For Some Oily Hydration – If It Suits Your Skin Type

Depending on the kind of skin you sport, adding oil to your skincare ointments may work miracles for you. For instance, dry and sensitive skin can benefit immensely from the deep hydration offered by moisturizing oils. Conversely, if your skin is already oily or prone to acne, opt for a more subtle moisturizer5.

Creams And Night Creams

Is your skin too dry to be mended by a simple spray or a light product? Do not worry and, instead, go for the heavy artillery of moisturizers – creams. There are good news, too. While cream may sound too heavy of a cover for your face, it is also a highly nutritious product for your facial complexion6. Creams typically provide your skin with vitamins, amino-peptides, as well as hyaluronic acid. This ensures that your face remains radiant long after the cream has soaked into it. Cream can also be used as a prepping product for heavier make up, since it provides a good base for your skin. Of course, the drier your skin is, and the colder the temperature outside is, the heavier your cream should be.

Alternatively, if you feel like your skin is not getting the moisture it needs during the night, add a night cream to your make up pouch, as well. The anti-aging properties of this type of moisturizer ensure that drier or aging skin types will remain hydrated, even when faced with cold or dry air. While night creams may add additional shine to your face, this only means that they are working twice as hard to provide you with a glowing complexion in the morning!

If All Else Fails, Allow Ointment To Heal Your Skin

Petroleum-based ointment can be the cure7 for that uneven complexion of which you want to rid your face. Ointment is also helpful with more specific skin issues, like cuts or wounds. Whether your skin is excessively dry, sunburned, prone to eczema, or even aging prematurely, this kind of moisturizer can heal you and bring out the healthy glow of your face. Do not fret, and go for it!


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