Lily’s Acne Story

Hey…Lily here. I was invited to share my personal acne story of how I finally got clear.

I had fairly serious acne…

If you look at my before pictures you can tell that what I had was a classic, but pretty severe, form of inflammatory acne, with many pimples, pustules and the occasional cyst. They were mostly located on my cheeks, but also on my chin and jawline. My face literally felt like it was covered in sore spots!

Hormones, stress, and diet

As a long-term acne sufferer, I know more about acne than most people. It is something that I used to think about all the time. Acne, why it exists, and how I could get rid of it preyed on my mind throughout my teenage years. I read books, newspaper and magazine articles, and trawled the internet, searching for a solution to my acne problem. If you are an acne sufferer, you will know why I tried so hard.

During my studies, I came to the conclusion that my acne was probably related to both hormones, stress, and my diet. As a result I always felt guilty about eating food. Also, whenever I was feeling stressed out for some reason, thinking about what it would probably do to my skin made me feel even more stressed! It was a vicious circle.


Before I surrendered myself to a dermatologist and acne medication I wanted to make sure I had exhausted all other options. I really did not feel comfortable putting chemicals into my body, especially Accutane considering some of the potential side-effects I had read about.

I tried washing my face with regular soap, I tried several acne creams, I tried exfoliators, I tried tonics, I tried various home-made remedies, and I tried astringents. All in a desperate attempt to dry up my acne, but often it produced the exact opposite result making my face red and blotchy. You name it, I tried it, but nothing worked.

Emotionally, my acne often made me feel terrible and it had a truly negative impact on my life. I would often avoid parties and other social events simply because I had no confidence and I would feel so embarrassed about showing my face.

The Solution

I was really close to giving up and setting up an appointment with a dermatologist when I stumbled upon the solution to my acne problem in an unexpected way. A friend of mine who had also struggled with acne for a very long time had tried a product called Exposed Skin Care and quickly saw fantastic results. In just 14 days her acne was simply gone! Still, I had tried so many things and her acne wasn’t as serious as mine was so I must admit I felt extremely sceptical initially. However, I couldn’t argue with her results and after listening to my friend go on and on about how she loved the product I finally decided to try it.

Boy, am I glad I did!

Put simply, no other skin or acne treatment system came close to being as effective as Exposed.

Exposed worked fast

Exposed Skin Care kit

A picture of the extended Exposed Skin Care kit. I always go for their kits because it allows me to save quite a bit.

After using Exposed for a week I started seeing results and after 2 two weeks my skin looked better than it had in a very long time. I was simply SHOCKED! My broken skin was healing fast and it felt like my acne was being shot down like ducks in a shooting gallery.

When I hit 30 days my skin was 95% acne-free and it looked smooth and healthy. I was almost in disbelief because my acne was so serious to begin with and I would never have expected to get clear in just a month.


I don’t think I have ever felt better in my life than the day I looked at myself in the mirror and for the first time in many years saw the real me. I finally feel comfortable putting my face forward in any situation and it feels great to be able to leave the house without having to put on makeup first.

Also, my relationship with food is normal again and I don’t feel stressed nearly as often as I used to. Getting clear has had a HUGE positive impact on my life and I’m so glad I accomplished it without a bunch of expensive visits to a dermatologist and without going on strong medications.

I recommend Exposed to all acne sufferers I meet because:

  • It worked amazingly well for me.
  • It is very reasonably priced.
  • It feels great on the skin. Exposed won’t make your skin red and irritated the same way many other acne products do.
  • It’s risk-free to try.
  • It smeels nice.
  • It is very convenient and easy to use (comes with step-by-step instructions in the kit).
  • It receives excellent feedback from other former acne sufferers.

With Exposed I truly enjoy taking care of my skin and I have peace of mind knowing that I won’t have to feel frustrated or embarrassed again. The long and short of it is that while my diet and stress may have had some impact on my acne, what my skin really needed was proper care! If you are like I used to be, constantly worrying and searching for a treatment that actually works, then I really recommend you try Exposed.

I hope you have clear skin soon.

Best wishes,

Lily sign

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