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How To Prevent A Pimple From Ruining Your Wedding Day

You’ve spent years planning it, and longer still imagining what it will be like. The last six months have been a flurry of excitement and tears, meal planning, dress trying and first-dance practicing, and now it’s finally come. Your Wedding Day. The day you should look your most beautiful as friends and family stare at you walking down the aisle and you pose for hundreds of photographs; that blissful occasion you’ve mapped out is about to happen…but you have a1 pimple.

Possibly caused by nerves or the sleepless nights2 on the run up to your big day, the sight of a blemish on your face3 will send you into a pre-wedding tizzy as you declare the day will be ruined and you’ll ponder wearing the veil throughout the ceremony. Chances are, it looks worse to you than anyone else, but it’s your prerogative to throw an uncharacteristic tantrum as though the future of your life as a married woman rests entirely on this zit.

Stock up on pure tea tree oil and green make-up beforehand just in case there’s a wedding day emergency, and if you’ve booked a make-up artist, give her a quick call in the morning to ask if she can bring the kit to cover your pimple if need be. Most importantly, don’t panic! There are lots of good ways to deal with a pimple emergency, and below we show you the Do’s and Don’ts to handle it with grace.

Emergency wedding pimple tactics


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