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Looking for Real Help for Your Acne?

Acne help is not hard to find, but not all acne help is helpful. This article will outline the potential and pitfalls of the most common sources of information for fighting acne.

acne website research
Authority sites on the internet can offer great tips for treating acne, especially if the tips work for different people and skin types.


  • You can always get acne help from your doctor, but often you can find acne help that is just as useful and far less expensive from other sources.
  • Friends are a great source of acne help if they happen to have the same type of skin and skin problems that you do. But be forewarned that the acne products that work for your friends may not work for you.
  • Books can be a good source of acne help—if they are not peddling a “miracle cure” that seems to be too good to be true.
  • TV is a questionable source of acne help. Putting up a commercial or infomercial costs tremendous amounts of money, and the advertiser is looking to recover that money from you.
  • Authority sites on the Internet are a great source of acne help, especially if they offer options that work for different people and different skin types whether or not they make money on products.

Getting By with a Little Acne Help from Your Friends

The universal source of help for dealing with acne is information you get from your peers1. Friends who have acne try products that work, and try products that don’t work. They might have horrible acne problems for weeks, and suddenly look great. It’s only natural to want to know their secrets.

Acne help from your friends2 is fine if you have very similar skin types. If you both have dry skin, or you both have oily skin, or you both have deep brown skin tones, or you both have unusually fair skin, then maybe what works for them would be a good place to start looking for what works for you. But usually what works for one person who has acne won’t work quite the same way for someone else3. It might work a little better, or not as well, or it might even cause you to have worse acne problems.

Here is what you need to know when evaluating acne information you get from people you know.

  • The simplest treatments usually work best.
  • Less expensive acne products usually work better than more expensive acne products.
  • Certain kinds of skin cleansers work for nearly everyone.
  • Acne treatments can have side effects4 on certain skin types that they don’t have on others. A treatment that gets rid of pimples fast on fair skin, for example, may get rid of pimples fast on Asian skin but leave brown spots.
  • The more ingredients there are in a product, the less likely two people will get the same results5 from it. Pure tea tree oil, for example, just about always stops acne inflammation. Green tea extract nearly always stops excessive sebum production. There is usually some concentration of benzoyl peroxide that can kill acne bacteria without making the skin turn red and peel. But complicated mixtures of herbs and botanicals contain ingredients that may be fine for one user and cause another use to have an allergic reaction.
  • People who have certain skin types may need sun protection when using an acne product, and other may not. (It’s usually the people who don’t get sunburn who need sun protection when they are treating acne.)

Acne Help from Books

Some authors write ebooks in hopes of making fast money over the Internet. Generally speaking, if the title of the book sounds too good to be true, it is. “How I Cleared My Acne in Sixty Minutes” is almost certainly going to be a waste of money. You can’t clear up your acne in just one day or three days or a week, either—although you may experience major improvements in 30 days.

The best books about acne treatment are the books that offer a variety of treatments for a variety of readers, or that discuss the special needs of a particular skin type. Author Paula Begoun, for example, has published a number of 1200-page guides to skin care products, carefully noting which products work for which skin types. Dermatologist Dr. Susan Taylor writes about skin, hair, and nails for women who have brown skin.

A book that promotes a single product or program for acne probably will help some readers. But it’s usually best to spend more time finding the right combination of products and skin care practices that help you get your skin clear and keep it that way.

Acne Help from Infomercials

The writer for this site once specialized in helping infomercial companies correct misinformation they spread on late night TV. Infomercials cost millions of dollars—and the people who sponsor infomercials are looking to earn millions of dollars fast by selling a product that costs very little to make that people think they really, really need.

It’s not impossible to benefit from a product you buy because you watched a late-night infomercial. It is just a little unusual. But don’t give any vendor your credit card number for repeat orders that get shipped to you month after month. Infomercial vendors are notorious for charging you all they can without concern for your well being.

Acne Help on the Internet

The easiest and fastest place to find acne help is the Internet. Over 200,000,000 pages of acne information are available over the Internet in the English language alone. Most of that information, however, is of dubious value.

The best sources of information about acne on the Internet6 are authority sites. These are websites with 50, 100, or even more pages of information about a variety of acne topics. They are very specific about who can benefit from a treatment described on those pages, but they cover enough topics that everyone who has acne can find something of value on the site.

Sites that provide useful acne information7 also are very practical. They tell you what works, whether or not it’s popular, and whether or not they are selling it. They also tell you what does not work to keep you from wasting your money or even ruining your skin.

Honest acne sites do sell products. Their owners and experts need to earn a living, too. But they typically offer a well-defined set of good products that come with a money-back guarantee, and they offer alternatives when people need them, even if they are not making a profit on the sale.

This site has been built with the intention of being your best source of acne information on the Internet. And it links you to the best all-around source of acne care products you can buy over the Internet, Exposed Skin Care.


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