This Skincare Ingredient Destroys Pimples

Many acne sufferers don’t realize that inexpensive, safe, non-prescription acne products are as effective, or MORE effective than acne medication – provided you find a high quality product that’s formulated correctly. This is in large part due to an exciting new acne fighting ingredient called Curoxyl®, which is essentially micronized benzoyl peroxide.

Benzoyl peroxide is an FDA approved ingredient that has been around for many years and is traditionally used in the vast majority of acne products. It works by killing Propionibacteria acnes (P. acnes), the bacteria that is responsible for acne when it grows out of control in sebum-clogged pores. Simply put, Curoxyl is significantly more effective than traditional benzoyl peroxide because the molecules are smaller than the pore thus allowing it to easily penetrate deeper into the pores where the offending bacteria are sitting.

The Result is Clear Skin – Fast

The picture to the left is an example of how dramatic and fast results micronized benzoyl peroxide can produce. In the before picture, the young lady suffers a classic, but pretty severe, form of inflammatory acne, with many pimples, pustules and the occasional cyst. They are mostly located on the cheeks, but also on the chin and forehead.

According to the young lady’s own account, the clear skin she enjoys in the after picture was accomplished in less than 30 days! Incredible when you consider how serious her acne was.

What is The Downside to Curoxyl?

The problem with benzoyl peroxide has always been the drying effect it has on the skin. Dry, irritated skin will just make acne worse and the skin look terrible. Curoxyl is not as drying as traditional benzoyl peroxide because it’s dispersed in a gel, which ensures a uniform application on the skin. But, it’s still benzoyl peroxide and it still does dry out the skin to some extent.

How to Prevent Side Effects (and Improve your Skin)

The most successful acne products take Benzoyl Peroxide’s drying effect into account.  By adding high quality natural ingredients to their formula like Green Tea Extract, Licorice Root and Tea Tree oil, some of the side effects can be minimized.  These ingredients can also help heal and improve the appearance of your skin, so adding them is really a win-win.  Green Tea for example has been shown to not only help kill acne bacteria, but also is an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.

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Green tea and tea tree oil are examples of natural actives that improve the efficacy of Curoxyl®