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Soothing Papaya Masks Against Acne

Sick of battling acne? Tired of waking up every morning wondering if you’ll make it through the day without a brand-new zit? Annoyed by all the terrible side effects you get from acne medicine? Are you especially tired of paying hefty sums of money on pricey acne treatments each month? We have a solution for you! Natural methods are often even more beneficial than medical products1, and one of the best acne remedies provided by our planet is papaya.

The proteolytic enzyme papain found in papaya can help in preventing acne.

First, let’s examine the essence of acne. Your pimples may be showing up on your face, back and chest and they basically represent clogged pores which are infected by toxins2, germs, excessive oil or, simply, dirt. Your breakouts may be resulting from a wide variety of causes, including a genetic predisposition, an unhealthy lifestyle, problems with hormones, and, of course from not cleansing your body thoroughly enough. So, how can papaya deal with any of all of these factors?

Papaya’s Worth In The Fight With Acne

Most importantly, papaya excellently minimizes3 any kind of inflammation, which directly counters the formation of pimples. Its lycopene fights off free radicals and its enzyme content (chymopapain and regular papain) successfully fight germs and fungus. The enzymes specifically serve to free your pores from whatever is stuffing them and causing you trouble. Their protein is invaluable in helping your skin battle the development of zits. Papaya’s vitamin B and vitamin C content furthermore reduce the natural oils that your sebaceous glands manufacture, additionally decreasing the material clogging your pores.

Papaya is also a great exfoliator and it takes off any fats which cause you to break out. Not only does the fruit help you diminish existing acne, but it aids you in rejuvenating your skin. The beta-carotene content helps4 manufacture new cells for your complexion, which means that there will be less scarification for you to worry about. Affected areas will be brightened and will become smoother over time.

Some Warnings If You Intend To Treat Your Breakouts With Papaya

As you’ve probably already heard numerous times, you should first try out your papaya mask on a small part of your skin in order to check how you react to the fruit. In the case that you get a bad reaction or the masks don’t work for you at all, you might want to ask your dermatologist why that is.

Additionally, if you are feeling too lazy to make your own mask, you can also buy ready-made, organic papaya soap. If you are not a ‘mask’ kind of person, at all, you can also just eat papaya and it might have similarly positive results for your skin. Either way, remember that acne is cured by maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

How To Use Papaya To Battle Acne

You can use papaya on its own or mix with other helpful ingredients. First, we must explore how to use the fruit without additives.

The simplest recipe for s papaya mask is to simply blend some papaya into a paste and lather it on your previously cleansed face. After about half an hour, you should take it off with lukewarm tap water and hydrate your face once more. You can also make papaya juice, if you feel like getting slightly more creative. This is specifically useful in diminishing the visible inflammation on your skin. Take the same kind of paste you created in the first mask, but make sure that the fruit is not completely ripe. You can add some pineapple juice for an extra boost, but remember not to drink this tasty concoction, or just make some more of it to sip on while you wait for it to work. Strain the liquid out of the mix and massage it onto your face, leaving it for a little bit less time than the previous mark. Take the juice off with slightly colder water.

Want to use different parts of the papaya? Great, because they are beneficial, as well. You can make use of its leaves and seeds to improve your skin. Take four fresh leaves from the fruit and mash them up with half a teaspoon-worth of water. After application, make sure to leave this on for no more than a few minutes because it is a harsher remedy. If you got your hands on some papaya seeds5, instead, then you can blend them together until you are only left with some powder. Make this into a paste, as well, helping the process along with some water. Leave this on for no more than five minutes, as well, take it off with water and enjoy the results.

More Papaya Mask Options

Feel like stepping it up a notch? Go for papaya with lemon or honey. Put together two-three teaspoons of lemon juice and eight-nine teaspoons of papaya paste. You can actually leave this on for as long as you like, including sleeping with it on your face. Use lukewarm water to remove it, and don’t forget to hydrate yourself after, as lemon ultimately makes your skin feel dry.

If you happen to have honey on hand, that’s great, too, as honey hydrates your complexion while cleansing it6 thoroughly. Take a fourth of a papaya and mix it with three teaspoons of honey and half a teaspoon-worth of lemon juice. Before lathering this mixture on, you might want to make sure that your pores are opened by taking a hot shower or standing above a pot of boiling water. Take the mixture off after about twenty minutes, using cool water. Eventually, you should try to change the water to cold, so that your pores close successfully.

If you leave the lemon juice out of this, you can use a bit less of the harder ingredients and keep the mask on for about twice as long. Contributing some papaya oil, half a blended apple or an egg might refresh your skin even more. Another recipe is to put together five to six teaspoons of mashed papaya with a a tablespoon of honey, three teaspoons of heavy cream, several teaspoons of ground up oatmeal and some cocoa. This mask can be left to sit for a quarter of an hour at most, and should be taken off with water that is not too cold, as then it would just harden more. If you omit the cream and cocoa, you can gently exfoliate your face with the mask for several minutes, after which you can once again leave it on there for about a quarter of an hour. If you take this route, make sure to close your pores with cold water, as well.

Another thing you can do is add a teaspoon of sandalwood powder to your honey and papaya. You can leave this on for ten minutes and you may repeat it several times a week. Sandalwood will successfully scrub off the dirt7 from your surface.

Even More Papaya Mask Options

If you are set on the disinfecting and bleaching benefits of lemon juice, you can add three strawberries to your mix of half a teaspoon of lemon juice and the papaya. Mix this into a paste and let it soak into your face for a third of an hour. You have to close your pores with cold water at the end of this treatment, too. For your benefit, this can be performed every day, unlike some of the other recipes.

Want to use vinegar instead of lemon juice? Vinegar may sting, and stink, but it is a great regulator of your complexion’s acidity. Allow a jar of vinegar and grated fruit to rest for a few days. Put a little bit of it into a cup and add about ten times more water. This makes for an excellent home-made cleanser. The mask version of the recipe involves papaya powder – pour five to six teaspoons of it into a cup of water and a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar. Open up your pores with a warm cloth over the affected area, after which you can generously lather the concoction all over it. Let it sit for a third of an hour and enjoy its effects.

If your irritation is becoming unbearable, mash up just a couple of pieces of fruit with six teaspoons of plain yogurt8, a teaspoon of oatmeal and half a teaspoon of honey. Add half a teaspoon of lemon juice for greasy skin or one teaspoon of milky cream for dry skin. You can leave this on for twenty minutes at most.

Another alternative is to blend a tablespoon of orange juice into a few pieces of papaya and leave it on for a bit more than fifteen minutes. This will reduce your natural oils. Lastly. If you want to make clay mask, make a mixture of a teaspoon of aloe vera, five teaspoons of mashed papaya and about a tablespoon of cosmetic clay, and let it all sit on your acne for twenty minutes. Enjoy the effects!


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