Helping People Achieve Clear Skin Since 2007

Helping People Achieve Clear Skin Since 2007

Could Reducing Your Soda Intake Help Improve Your Acne?

If you have been researching acne for a while, then you have probably read all kinds of contradictory information about its causes. Do hot showers alleviate or worsen acne? Does chlorinated water dry out your skin just enough or way too much? Is exfoliation a remedy or an enemy of acne? However, there is consensus […]

Does Drinking Beer Affect Your Skin?

If you have recently started suffering from pimple breakouts you may be feeling devastated for several reasons. First of all, breakouts are physically unpleasant, as zits tend to itch, burn and cause general discomfort. 💥🧘🏻‍♂️🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏾‍♂️💥 Secondly, you may also be feeling a psychological strain, as now you have to ensure that you still feel confident […]

Sunflower Seeds and Acne

What causes acne? Dermatologists, researchers and acne sufferers constantly debate this. Some say acne is caused by bad genes, while others say lifestyle choices cause recurring breakouts. One main factor commonly discussed is that diet has an effect on acne, and there are a lot of internet rumors about certain foods that cause acne. But […]

How Tap Water Causes Acne And What You Can Do About It

Most people who experience acne have their own version of the particular causes that lead to their breakouts. Some blame it on stress, others on their unhealthy diet, or even on their genes and general bad luck. If you are fighting acne, too, then you probably have an elaborate story prepared for anytime someone asks […]

How to Use Ginger for Acne Fighting Benefits

ginger for acne ginger for acne

If you’re reading this, it is safe to assume that pimples have appeared somewhere on your body and you are wondering what to do. We have a suggestion for some simple solutions – namely, Mother Nature. One natural resource which has been proven to counteract acne is ginger. It is a cheap and easily accessible […]

The Ultimate Guide to Seasonal Acne

Is your skin prone to breakouts, but only during certain times of the year? Do you experience skin inflammation whenever the sun comes out, or perhaps only when the dry winter air takes over? Do you find yourself unable to bask in the sun as much as you would like because you fear further skin […]

Could Your Acne Be Caused By Candida?

Even though acne is not life-threatening, it is something that we often want to get rid of as soon as possible. The most efficient way to get rid of something is to learn as much as possible about it and thus master it, right? Therefore, while you learn about acne, you should definitely also find […]

The Drawbacks of Peanut Butter and How It May be Triggering Your Acne

It is undeniable that peanut butter is delicious. Peanut butter has an endless variety of different uses, whether you spread it on sandwiches with jelly or munch on it in Reese’s pieces. The exquisite possibilities are endless and there is nothing which quite matches the spread’s unique blend of 🥜🧂 peanuts and salt. Where does […]

What Excess Iron Does To Your Skin And Acne

For a long time, people were worried about getting too little iron in their diet, and with good reason. Before the developed world was flooded with abundance, iron deficiency was a real problem, resulting in iron-deficiency anemia and low hemoglobin, resulting in low red blood cell count. But in today’s modern world, developed societies rarely […]

7 Ways That Coffee Is Bad For Your Skin And Acne

All around the world, one of the most universally loved and embraced beverages is coffee. To many, it is a staple of everyday life and some just can’t get by without at least one fresh cup of it in the morning to get the day started. ☕🌄 In fact, some people can’t get through the […]