Helping People Achieve Clear Skin Since 2007

Helping People Achieve Clear Skin Since 2007

It’s Okay, Let It Out: Why Expressing Your Emotions May Be Better For Your Acne

Alexithymia and Acne Alexithymia and Acne

One of the newest topics in acne research is the relationship between a psychiatric condition known as alexithymia and acne. Alexithymia is a personality trait that causes difficulty in expressing, understanding, or describing emotions. The Greek words from which the term is derived literally mean “without words for emotions.” The experience of alexithymia is not […]

Acne And Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer and Acne Prostate Cancer and Acne

Acne is a major downer that most men forget. But it turns out that men who have been free of acne for 50 years and more may still suffer one of the most serious after-effects of acne in the form of an increased risk for prostate cancer. Propionibacterium acnes is the species of bacteria that is […]

Finding the Truth About Milk and Acne

Milk and Acne Milk and Acne

If you live in the United States or Canada, you get bombarded with two kinds of information about milk and dairy products. The milk and dairy companies constantly remind us that dairy products are the main source of calcium and phosphorus in our diets and we simply have to have them in our diets (they […]

SAPHO Syndrome And Acne

SAPHO syndrome SAPHO syndrome

SAPHO syndrome is a condition that affects up to 1% of the population of the United States—and up to 4% of the population in Alaska and Denmark—that most of us have never heard of. Sometimes merged with a condition called hidradenitis suppurativa, SAPHO syndrome is characterized by a combination of synovitis (inflammation of the linings […]

Fragrances, Perfumes, Preservatives, And Acne

Skin Care Products Skin Care Products

Over and over on this site, we warn you about the dangers of fragrances, perfumes, and preservatives in skincare products. If you have sensitive skin, fragrances, perfumes, and preservatives can cause you problems a lot faster than acne breakouts, and they aren’t easy to overcome. Some of the most harmful substances are chemicals you probably […]

Does Smoking Cause Acne?

Smoking and Acne Inversa Smoking and Acne Inversa

About 20% of American adults smoke. Vastly larger percentages of adults smoke in other countries where people aren’t exposed to anti-smoking rules and regulations whenever they go out. About 20% of American adults have acne—but they aren’t always the same people who smoke. And some countries that have high rates of smoking don’t have high […]

Weight Loss Diets And Acne Vulgaris

Weight Loss and Acne Weight Loss and Acne

January is the biggest month of the year for weight loss diets. Hundreds of millions of holiday party goers around the world pack in extra calories in December and pack around extra pounds in January. Hundreds of millions of people go on calorie-restricted diets to get the extra weight off. But what about weight loss […]

Fixing Redness And Flushing Caused By Rosacea

Aloe Vera for Acne Aloe Vera for Acne

If you have rosacea, we don’t have to tell you about the problems rosacea can cause with redness, flushing, and irritation. If you have had both common acne (acne vulgaris) and rosacea, we don’t have to tell you that the sheer unpredictability of rosacea flare-ups can be more frustrating than acne itself. But we will tell […]

Pemphigus Vulgaris And You

Pemphigus vulgaris is a blistering disease. It sometimes produces blisters that look like pimples, but it’s not caused by infection. Instead, pemphigus vulgaris is an autoimmune condition that can result from hyperactivity of the immune system after dealing with a serious infection—including acne. Treatments that work for acne, however, won’t work for pemphigus vulgaris. What Is […]

Acne And Smoking In Women

Woman Smoking and Acne Woman Smoking and Acne

Dermatologists often notice that mature women who have acne also tend to smoke. This article won’t tell you that you shouldn’t smoke (even though we really think you shouldn’t) but rather what women need to know to keep acne under control if they choose to smoke. What’s Different About Acne In Women Who Smoke? Acne […]

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