How to Get Rid of Chin Acne


There are some simple ways to help cure chin acne.

Lumpy, red chin acne is one of the most challenging problems of dealing with teenage acne, because the products you can use to fix acne elsewhere on your face don’t always work on your chin. Don’t stock up on chin acne concealers, however, because simple changes in your personal health habits often can help you get rid of chin acne for good. Here are seven essential secrets for treating acne on the chin.


  • Chin acne is one of the most challenging acne problems, but sometimes there are simple solutions for chin acne.
  • Sometimes using brands of toothpaste and mouthwash that are SLS-free can clear up acne fast.
  • Lip balm that includes flavors and fragrances can make your skin break out.
  • If you wear a helmet when you participate in a sport or if you hold a musical instrument to your chin for hours at a time, be sure to cleanse and dry the skin of your chin when you finish the activity.
  • Treat cystic acne on the chin as soon as you see it. Tretinoin topical may help.
  • Don’t shave with a dull razor, especially on the chin or on the neck.
  • Avoid resting your chin on your hand.
  • There are no special acne products for your chin. You may just need more of the products you use for acne anywhere else on your face. One of the best sources of all the acne products you need is Exposed Skin Care.

1. Sometimes changing your toothpaste can clear up chin acne fast.

Most brands of toothpaste make a foamy lather that lifts particles off your teeth. It’s only natural to get some of this toothpaste foam on your chin. The problem is that the chemical that makes most brands of toothpaste foamy, sodium lauryl sulfate (also known as sodium dodecyl sulphate and SLS), can make your skin break out.

Girls and women tend to be more sensitive to SLS irritation than boys and men. In some women who have acne, just getting rid of all brands of toothpaste and mouthwash that contain SLS was enough to get rid of acne on the chin. If you just don’t have the budget to buy toothpaste, mouthwash, and shampoo that is SLS-free, at least rinse very carefully to make sure you do not leave any residues on your chin.

2. Changing your brand of lip balm sometimes prevents acne on the chin and at the corners of the mouth.

Most brands of lip balm contain flavors that are chosen to keep you coming back for more. Chapstix, for example, has lip balms that combine chocolate flavor with Christmas tree scents, to remind you of Christmas every time you use the product. Other brands of lip balm taste like soda pop, candy, or tropical fruits you would eat on a vacation to Hawaii. These flavors add pleasure to using lip balm, but the chemicals that have to added to the lip balm can make your skin break out.

Rinsing your mouth every time you use lip balm would prevent chin acne but would also dry out your lips. If you have acne on your chin, try switching to a non-flavored brand of lip balm, and be sure to rinse your chin at least twice a day to prevent accumulation of wax over pores.

3. Keep pressure on your chin to a minimum to prevent breakouts on your jawline.

Football acne, bicyclist’s acne, fiddler’s chin, flautist’s chin, and other breakouts on the edges of the chin are often the result of acne mechanica, a kind of acne that breaks out when constant pressure on the chin traps perspiration in pores. The trapped sweat produces localized irritation of the skin a little like the shriveling you can see in your skin when you stay in water too long. The walls of pores flop shut and trap oil and bacteria inside.

There are two ways of dealing with this kind of acne. One is to reduce pressure on the chin. The other is to make a point of cleansing the skin immediately after any kind of activity that puts pressure on the chin. If you wear chin straps to keep a helmet on when you participate in a sport, then be sure to shower as soon as possible when your event is over. If you play the flute or the violin, rinse your skin after you play your instrument. Be sure to pat your skin dry with a clean towel when you have done your cleansing.

4. Cystic acne on the chin often can be treated with tretinoin topical.

Many people who have naturally brown skin tones have very few problems with acne as teenagers, and then get cystic acne on the chin and neck when they reach young adulthood. The underlying problem is skin that keeps on growing at a youthful rate even after the bones and muscles underlying the face have fully matured, at the age of about 20 to 22. Growing skin traps pimples and forms cysts, especially at the extremities of the face, on the jawline, on the upper neck, and on the chin.

The solution to cystic acne usually is encouraging the skin to grow even faster so cysts can open without picking, squeezing, lancing, or surgery. Tretinoin topical applied to the skin can increase skin growth so cysts open—but it’s better to start treatment as soon as possible. Smaller cysts are always easier to open than larger cysts.

5. Avoid resting your face on your hand to avoid chin acne.

Many people make a regular pose of tilting the head to one side and resting that side of chin on a hand supported by the elbow. Oils transfer from the hand to the face, and a dirty had can keep the skin on the chin constantly reinfected. Simple avoiding this posture can reduce acne on the chin and on the jawline.

6. If you shave your chin, be sure to use a sharp razor.

Dull razors sometimes bend hairs so they start to grow into a pore rather than out of it. The immune system can release inflammation to get rid of the hair that causes redness and irritation. Certain fast-growing skin types (usually, but not always, in people who have brown or black skin tones) then grow over the hair, encasing the hair and inflammatory chemicals inside a raised pink scar, causing a condition known as acne keloidalis nuchae.

It is much easier to prevent this form of chin acne than it is to treat it. Don’t shave too close, and don’t use a razor with a dull blade, especially if you have skin tones typical of Blacks or Hispanics.

7. Women’s “hormonal” acne is often more noticeable on the chin.

Many women of reproductive age get acne timed with their periods. Usually this kind of acne is most noticeable on the chin, just before menstruation.

One way of dealing with this problem is to get a prescription for birth control pills. Another way of dealing with this kind of acne is planning ahead, making extra sure to do skin cleansing and use moisturizer on the chin, beginning at the middle of the middle menstrual cycle, as progestin levels are increasing and thickening the skin around pores.

There are no special skin care products for chin acne. You may just need more of the same product you would use on the rest of your face for treatment of acne on your chin. One of the best sources of complete acne care, all products sold with a one-year money-back guarantee, is Exposed. Click here to read our Exposed Skin Care review.

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    Hi i need advice plz,eversince iv had the merina coil inserted in my womb i hve been getting terrible acne around my chin when the 1subsides the nxt 2 pops up,im at my wits end i hve ugly scaring lft behind aswell,plz plz help

    I have the same problem what I did I went to my doctor and remove my merina and gave me a prescription a pills for acne like Yasmin after a month my acne under my chin was completely gone.

    Get the depo shot and/or have him get a vasectomy.

    I have bad acne on my back, four head, near the chin, and around the mouth. I wear makeup and I want to not wear it anymore. So I want my acne to be gone please help me!!! I also have some scars on my chest. Any suggestions???

    Use bio oil to get rid of the scars it takes a few months but after a while they start to fade if you use it on your face and notice you getting more acne stop using it, it also gets rid of stretch marks, I haven’t found a remedy to get rid of my own pimples but the bio oil works.

    Thanks for this article I’m fairly sure using a dull razor is the reason for my acne and I’m having to shave my chin at 14

    Scrubbing with mixtures including baking soda works wonders! Mixed fresh with raw honey before bed. Gentle scrub, leave on as long as you can stand it and rinse. Beautiful results reasonably quickly

    you can use dermalmd acne serum It works wonders for drying out pimples !

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