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Welcome! Thank for visiting This site is all about acne treatments that work. And since no treatment works for every kind of acne or for everyone who has a particular kind of acne, it is also about the full range of remedies that can help just about everyone who has acne achieve clear skin and keep clear skin for good.

Every article on this site is meant to be complete and self-explanatory, but there are some general principles of acne treatment that give you an edge for success:

  • Successful treatment always involves regular treatment. Cleansing your skin is always something you need to do twice a day. You also need to get the right nutrition every day. Microdermabrasion and light therapy might be useful 2 or 3 times a week, and skin peels might help once a week. But sticking to your routine is essential for getting good results. The longer you have had an acne problem, the more important it is to treat it regularly.
  • Successful treatment always involves gentle treatment. It just is not possible to wash, smash, squeeze, lance, pick, probe, rub, or scrub acne out of your skin. Foamy detergents remove healthy skin as well as dirt. Tingly skin treatments usually kill healthy skin cells (although that’s not absolutely always a bad thing). Zapping acne bacteria with an antibiotic may kill the competitors of the meanest and toughest bacteria so that you get an even worse outbreak a few weeks later. Gentle treatments let your skin take charge of repairing itself.
  • Successful treatment always is precise treatment. More is not necessarily better. A 2.5% benzoyl peroxide gel you use once a day may clear up your skin, while a 10% benzoyl peroxide gel you use twice a day may make your skin break out. Natural and organic ingredients may be the ingredients that trigger allergic reactions in your skin. Simple remedies made with trusted ingredients, nothing added for its marketing value alone, will always get you the best results.

And successful treatment is always based on fact rather than fantasy or marketing ploys. There are an astonishing number of source of acne information that seem to be more concerned about selling their products than about helping people get well. Sure, everyone at Facing Acne wants to sell products. But not everyone needs every product, even the great products recommended on this site. Here’s how to tell when a site is marketing hype.

  • The site tells you that when you are in doubt about how much of a product to use, just use more. If a site selling you benzoyl peroxide or any other potentially irritating acne treatment urges you to use “More! More!” you can be assured they are trying to sell you products without concern for their effects on your skin.
  • The site suggests that doctors are stupid or that medical science is misinformed. There really are things that doctors won’t tell you, usually because they believe they have more pressing tasks than helping you treat your acne. But if a commentator starts talking about “acne viruses” (there are viruses that cause skin infections, but none that cause acne) or how herbs always cure acne (some herbs can be very helpful, and some herbs can be very harmful), chances are you need to go somewhere else.
  • The site tells you that you can clear up your skin overnight, or in just a week. The kinds of treatments that clear skin in 24 hours or less usually involve products or procedures that can cause as much harm as good. Zapping a zit with a heating device may make it easier to cover up with makeup, but can also destroy the collagen needed for the skin to heal without a scar. Injecting cortisone into a pimple will take the red out right away, but can also make the skin so thin your purplish blood vessels start to show through your skin. And some “acne free in three days” claims are just totally bogus. Look to see if the person selling you a product puts their money where their mouth is. It’s really rare for acne to clear up in 30 days, but if a vendor will give you your money back if it doesn’t, probably they believe they are telling you the truth.

Facing Acne recognizes that different skin types need different acne treatments. When it comes to acne, one treatment does not work for all. Throughout this site you will find recommendations with explanations of the kinds of acne treatments needed for dry skin versus oily skin, and for allergy-prone skin versus chemical-resistant skin.

You will find different recommendations for white, brown, black, and Asian skin. You will see different recommendations for children, teens, and adults. There are some acne interventions that are helpful for nearly everyone—but there are many others that work very well for some people who have acne but not at all for others. This site helps you find the right acne treatments for you.

This site also gives you the information you need to make decisions for treatment of conditions that look like acne but that are not acne. Whiteheads and blackheads are always acne, but pimples may be caused by dozens of conditions. Treating a skin problem that is not acne as if it were acne may make it worse, and keep you from getting the professional attention you require to have lastingly clear and beautiful skin.

Finally, Facing Acne keeps in mind that you want to look good even while your acne is getting better. This site tells you how to cover up whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples, without making underlying skin problems worse and without spending a small fortune on cosmetics.

The experts at Facing Acne know acne both personally and professionally. They’ve “been there.” They want you to have an easier experience with acne than they. For the best evidence-based information on treating acne and for a constantly growing collection of articles about the latest acne treatments, please visit this site frequently. Thank you for stopping by.

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