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Welcome to Facing Acne! This site is designed for people with all skin types, all skin colors, and all kinds of acne. Although Facing Acne offers a wide variety of information about acne, our main goal goes beyond education: we want you to have clear skin. We don’t just want to teach you about acne, we want to deliver actionable information to effectively reduce your acne.

No matter how terrible your acne might feel, all acne is treatable and everyone can get clear skin. In fact, most people can treat their acne using simple over-the-counter treatment options. From the beginning, Facing Acne has supported Exposed Skin Care in particular as the best acne treatment for most people. The best way to get clear skin is to use the right ingredients at the right concentrations, for a price that won’t break the bank, and Exposed hits the nail on the head on all three. They limit their scientific, lab-made ingredients to only those that have been proven to work, like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and sulfur, and they are careful to use them in amounts that won’t harm the skin. Even better, Exposed also incorporates well-researched natural ingredients into their products, like tea tree oil, green tea extract, and aloe vera. Still, the best ingredients in the world are of no use if the product is too expensive for anyone to actually buy, but that’s not a problem with Exposed either. At only $60 for a 60-day supply of all the products you’ll need to get clear skin, Exposed offers a relatively affordable treatment option. Plus, they clearly have faith in their product, because they offer a year-long money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

Although we believe Exposed Skin Care to be the best treatment option out there right now based on its safety, price, risk level, and results, we are always looking out for other options that work as well. On Facing Acne, you’ll find a variety of articles exploring all-natural acne treatments, acne prescriptions, and everything in between. All of our content supports our scientific approach to treating acne with consistent, gentle, precise care.

First and foremost, acne care must be consistent. If you’re only using an acne treatment product once or twice a week instead of every day, it’s very unlikely that your skin will improve. When choosing an acne treatment routine, it’s important to consider what routine you can reasonably maintain and perform every single day. Inconsistent acne treatment or switching products every two weeks can actually make skin worse, so even though it’s hard, it’s best to be patient.

Second, acne care should be gentle. It’s just not possible to wash, smash, squeeze, lance, pick, probe, rub, or scrub acne out of your skin. Harsh products only serve to irritate and inflame the skin, which eventually leads to more acne, not less. Gentle treatments let your skin take charge of repairing itself. 

Finally, the best acne treatment is precise. More is not necessarily better. A 2.5% benzoyl peroxide gel you use once a day may clear up your skin, while a 10% benzoyl peroxide gel you use twice a day may make your skin break out. Simple remedies made with trusted ingredients will always get you the best results.

Everything published on Facing Acne reflects these skincare values because they are the best way to get long-lasting clear skin. Although miracle cures and quick fixes sound great, the truth is a real improvement is often slow and frustrating, but rewarding in the end. It may take time, but clear skin is possible for everyone.

Jaggi Rao, M.D.

Dr. Jaggi Rao is Facing Acne’s official acne expert, and for good reason. He is a certified dermatologist in both Canada and the USA, and he is a leading expert in the treatment of acne specifically.

His practice in Alberta, Canada offers top of the line acne treatments, from systemic and topical medications to light and laser treatments, but Dr. Rao is dedicated to helping everyone with acne, not just those who come to see him.

He shares his knowledge of acne and other skin conditions as an award-winning professor at the University of Alberta, and he has published over 50 scientific papers and textbook chapters and spoken at over 500 lectures. Now, he also shares his expertise online, here at Facing Acne so you can trust that everything on this site is reliable and up-to-date.

Dr. Rao follows a simple but highly effective method for dealing with acne: prevent, treat, maintain. Each step requires patience, since everyone’s skin is different and finding the best prevention, treatment, and maintenance routine for you might take a while, but it works a thousand times better than any quick fix or miracle cure. We trust Dr. Rao not only because of his awards, accolades, and certifications but because his advice helps people with acne get clear skin long-term, not just for a few weeks. 


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