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Helping People Achieve Clear Skin Since 2007

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Using Benzoyl Peroxide to Treat Acne

woman dabbing benzoyl peroxide on face woman dabbing benzoyl peroxide on face

Benzoyl peroxide is the world’s most frequently used treatment for acne infections. The key to success in treating acne with benzoyl peroxide products, however, usually is to use less, not more. Summary: Benzoyl peroxide1 is the world’s most frequently used treatment for acne. The way benzoyl peroxide works is by irritating acne bacteria so they […]

Ampicillin, Antibiotics, and the Treatment of Acne

Antibiotics for acne Antibiotics for acne

Should you ask your doctor to write a prescription for ampicillin for acne? Or, if you live in a country where you can buy antibiotics over the counter without seeing a doctor, should you use ampicillin to fight acne nodules, cysts, and pimples? Summary: Ampicillin used to be used for treating acne, but acne bacteria […]

Zinc for Acne – Clearer Skin Using Zinc For Acne Treatment?

Natural, do-it-yourself remedies for acne aren’t always very reliable, and sometimes they’re just straight lies, but there is one natural remedy worth a try: zinc. Zinc for acne has a surprising amount of research that shows it can be an effective treatment. Some studies show that those with acne are more likely to have a […]

How to Use Vitamin A to Effectively Treat Acne

Vitamin A Structure Vitamin A Structure

Vitamin A is among the most effective treatments for acne1, especially severe or cystic acne. Popular vitamin A acne treatments like Accutane, Retin-A, and Differin are actually “turbo charged” synthetic forms of this vitamin. But which forms of vitamin A work the best against acne? And how does it work exactly? This article will answer […]

7 Over-the-Counter Acne Therapy Products That Will Change Your Skincare Routine

Zapzyt acne treatment Zapzyt acne treatment

Tens of thousands of acne care products offer tweaks on basic formulas and product designs, the most expensive product usually not delivering the best results. Seven new acne therapy products and devices, however, promise clear skin at a “reasonable” price. Some of them actually deliver! Let’s start with a look at acne products that may […]

It May Be Smelly, But Sulfur Can Make a Big Difference In Your Acne

Sulfur for acne? If you have acne and you’re looking for a creative new solution, the answer might be a smelly one. It’s true, sulfur doesn’t have the most pleasant of odors, but it could help reduce your acne. Sulfur has a direct effect on two out of the three main causes for acne, and […]

Is There Such Thing As An Acne Remover?

scrubbing can make acne worse scrubbing can make acne worse

You can’t rub, scrub, squeeze, tweeze, or wash acne away. Your skin has to remove acne from the inside out. The best acne remover is a system that opens pores, limits inflammation, and keeps acne bacteria in check to clear your skin fast and keep acne gone for good1. Summary: You can’t remove acne by […]

Is There a Simple Acne Pill?

vitamin b5 for acne vitamin b5 for acne

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just pop a pill and make your acne go away? Some products promise just that, but as the advertising usually says, “your results may vary.” Let’s take a look at some of the most popular acne pills and how they work. Summary: Acne pills offer nutritional supplements and […]

The 7 Greatest Acne Medications on the Market

prescribed acne treatments prescribed acne treatments

If you talk with acne patients or if you read acne “experts” on the Internet, you might get the impression that the only medications that doctors ever use to treat acne are antibiotics (such as tetracycline, minocycline, doxycycline, and clindamycin), hormonal therapy (birth control pills), topical over the counter products with benzoyl peroxide, and retinoid drugs […]

Acne Light Therapy – The Acne-Fighting Science Behind Light Therapy

Acne light therapy is the biggest exception in the industry right now. Very specific kinds of light can help improve the acne you currently have, and when used in conjunction with a preventative acne treatment system, you can see real improvement in your acne, without the initial backsliding. The vast majority of treatment processes for […]

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