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How to Get Rid of Blackheads for Good

There is no single deep, dark secret for getting rid of blackheads. The good news is that, unlike their more difficult cosmetic cousins the whiteheads, blackheads respond to simple treatment you can do at home. Here are some tips based on the best information for what works to treat blackheads so you can get them gone for good with simple home health care.

Blackheads are caused by oxidized oil which clogs your pores.

What are blackheads?

First let’s review what a blackhead is. Unlike pimples, blackheads aren’t inflamed or red. Can you see a dermatologist for blackheads? Sure, but a blackhead is never going to turn into a cyst, you don’t need a medicated cream, and you don’t have to make an appointment with your dermatologist to extract them.

Characterized by black spots, typically on the nose, blackheads form when pores fill up with sebum from the skin’s oil production. The “head” of a blackhead is black because that oil oxidizes on contact with the air.

Can you enlarge pores by squeezing blackheads?

Squeezing and popping blackheads is a bad idea and not the correct way to remove blackheads. You can’t really pop a blackhead to remove it, because the oil is too tightly stuck in your skin and if you try anyway you will cause trauma to the skin around the blackhead leaving it red and irritated. It will also result in enlarged pores, which will require special attention in your daily skin care routine.

Also, you can’t really get rid of blackheads from the inside out with herbal remedies like some the natural tea products that help control certain kinds of inflammatory acne. This kind of remedy just won’t work for removal of blackheads.

Are blackheads related to diet?

It’s difficult to say exactly what causes blackheads, but it’s safe to say that blackheads are not caused by diet or disease. There are a few medical conditions that cause the formation of blackheads, but those conditions are really rare. They occur on dry skin as well as oily skin. A man is somewhat less likely to have a problem with blackheads than a woman, at least with the same level of skin care.

How to prevent blackheads?

Even healthy skin can get blackheads. It’s not unusual for them to form where the hair transfers oil to the face, where bangs of hair flop into your face. For clear skin and lasting facial beauty it is important to guide your hair to keep out of contact with your face so oils don’t accumulate in pores. Putting on makeup on a bed of oily skin without doing cleansing is a sure way to trap the oils that cause blackheads in obvious places, especially the bridge of your nose!

Many blackhead sufferers worry about excess oil production in the oil gland of the skin. One of the surprising things about blackheads on oily skin is that the skin around blackheads secretes less oil, not more. After all, the blackhead has the pore plugged. For this reason, you shouldn’t waste time trying to treat blackheads by blotting up oil from your skin.

How do I get rid of blackheads?

For people who are not allergic to aspirin, any exfoliation product that lists salicylic acid is probably your best bet. This naturally occurring acid (it’s also found in white willow bark) removes accumulated dead skin around the pore. Sebum simply falls out.

If you are going for a product with salicylic acid many feel the best way to remove blackheads is to go for a complete skin care system like Exposed Skin Care (click here to read my Exposed review). Among thousands of skin products this is one of the best ways of removing blackheads. Exposed combines this synergistic combination of actives to treat all four known causes of acne:

  • Unclogs pores and renews skin.
  • Eliminates acne causing bacteria.
  • Regulates oil and sebum production.
  • Calms redness and inflammation.

The result is smooth, healthy looking skin.

A cheaper one-time solution to extract blackheads is using a Biore blackhead pore strip. They will take care of clogged pores and for those asking themselves, how to remove blackheads in the ear, one of the advantages of a strip is that it can be applied to both nose and ear blackheads. Putting cream in your ears is unpractical to say the least and not advisable. Strips, however, won’t maintain your skin or prevent blackheads. For that you need a regular, daily skin care routine.

How do you get rid of blackheads cheaply?

Are you surprised that one of the best home remedies to remove blackheads is a bar of soap? Many times what looks like a blackhead is really just dirt. Pimples that clear up often leave behind large pores that can catch dirt that looks like blackheads.

If that black speck on your skin isn’t dirt, then cleansing alone won’t clear it up. Washing your skin the right way, however, can definitely keep new blackheads from ever forming.

First of all, be sure to apply your cleanser to skin with your clean fingertips. Don’t rub a bar of soap across you face with a washcloth.

Then, be sure you rinse your skin with lukewarm water. Don’t use hot, and don’t use cold. Hot water causes flaky skin, and cold water shocks your pores.

Dry by patting your skin, not rubbing it—especially with a dirty towel! Cleansing does not get rid of blackheads, but it keeps pore open so blackheads don’t get a chance to form.

There is no need to spend a fortune on fancy skin cleansers. For many people, soap and water are enough. It’s important not to use any kind abrasive soap, like Lava, but ordinary Ivory (for oily skin) and Dove (for dry skin) are often adequate. Aveeno, Neutragena, Johnson & Johnson, Aveeno, and Neutragena offer affordable cleansers.

Should I use oil-based skin products for effective blackhead removal?

Even if you have oily, acne-prone skin, your skin needs moisture to stay flexible. Flexible, supple skin keeps pores open. There is no need to slather moisturizer over your face from side to side. Just two or three drops of moisturizer, right after cleansing, spread evenly over your face, are usually enough.

While oily skin often needs moisturizer, any time the air is dry, it doesn’t need an oil-based moisturizer. Use a “humectant” whenever oily skin is exposed to dry air, fumes form solvents or chemicals, or any kind of air pollution.

Does microdermabrasion remove blackheads?

Microdermabrasion does help with blackheads by exfoliating the skin. This is the gentle process of lifting and separating dead skin cells off the surface of your skin. These tiny, invisible flakes of dead, dry skin can build up around pores, strangling them like a little noose so that the “black” that makes the blackhead visible can’t escape.

How to remove blackheads with natural exfoliating home remedies

For people who have aspirin allergies, any skin peel product formulated with alpha-hydroxy acids is another great way to get rid of dead skin debris that can block pores.

One effective tip for how to dissolve blackheads is painting a mask of lemon juice, letting it dry, and washing it off with warm water 15 minutes later. It helps dissolve the head of the blackhead, performs a gentle exfoliation, and stimulates blood flow to cells of your skin.

If you are of African-American or South Asian descent, it’s very important to avoid any exfoliants containing quinolone. Not only can they remove blackheads, they also leave permanent white blotches on your skin.

Does baking soda remove blackheads?

By acting as an exfoliant a baking soda mask will remove blackheads over time. It won’t cure your blackheads (nothing will, it can only be controlled with a daily skin care regimen), but among blackhead removers it is an effective approach. Just make sure to apply it gently to avoid trauma to your pores. Whether you use skin products or home remedies it’s important  to be patient and just keep chipping away at this most common among skin conditions.

Do blackhead extractors get rid of blackheads?

If you just have to use a vacuum blackhead extractor, carefully following the advice above (wash, moisturize, and exfoliate) will make the extractor work a lot better. Be sure that you use your extractor to pull blackheads out of your skin. Don’t use your extractor to push blackheads out of your skin. Anything that leaves tiny red marks or scratches or that causes any kind of bleeding is really doing your skin harm. And it won’t get the blackhead out, either!

How do you get rid of blackheads – the wrong way

You want to know how to get rid of blackheads on the nose or in the ears – and you’re feeling impatient. Never the less, you really should not try to get rid of blackheads with medication. Retin-A and Accutane will take care of blackheads for sure. They can do this by stimulating your skin to grow so incredibly fast that blackheads will just plop right out. The problem with this approach is that you will not only lose your blackheads, you will also lose a lot of skin. Itchy, achy, inflamed skin and acne that gets temporarily worse are predictable complications of these drugs.

The best way to get rid of blackheads for good is to either buy a complete acne skin care system like Exposed Skin Care or to follow the simple recommendations above by washing, moisturizing, and exfoliation. Simple blackhead treatment is the most reliable way to get rid of blackheads for good.

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Irene Reply

Hi. I have the blackheads on my face for the last two years. Now i have been using the blackhead clearing soap for the last two months and yet no change more blackheads are appearing. Please help me because they are forming day by day. Kenya, Nairobi.

September 2, 2013 at 8:03 am Reply
brian Reply

Try benzoyl peroxide. I use OXY. You can first use a natural exfoliant cleanser, then face soap. Once you dry your face slightly, you can use the oxy and rub it in until it disappears.

September 22, 2013 at 3:25 pm Reply
michelle Reply

I am currently on accutane for my acne. Whilst it helps reduce my acne, my the blackheads on my nose and cheeks have increased and stayed there, leaving my pores open. My pores are typically large and open for long periods of time. But the amount of blackheads have increased recently. Isn't the accutane also supposed to help make skin grow so fast that blackheads fall off?

October 25, 2013 at 3:02 am Reply
dammy Reply

Hi, I have had acne, blackheads for a while now, I started using benzoyl P 5% with salicylic acid for about 1months, I later introduced retin a, in total I have been on it for 2months now, my face is worse than before the treatment, and I have started having cystic acne. I'm 38 by the way. Pls what do you advise. Thank u.

November 17, 2013 at 7:09 pm Reply
lily Reply

i had a black head just two or three months ago,but my mom got this medical thin syringe and carefully scoop the fat and squeezing it with your hands (she covered her germs with clean cloth) very tight and the blackhead were gone. i might be wrong but i think pretty sure that i am right.

January 18, 2014 at 10:57 am Reply
Luchia Reply

Using the blackhead instrument?

January 1, 2016 at 6:23 am Reply
soasha sabrina Reply

hey, :) i have a question.. i have many pimple spot on my face which seriously doesn't look good on my face and as i have oily skin pimples loves me very much :( :( and also as i play basket ball and foot ball both so I really get sweat too much that's why at the corner of my nose blackheads are forming up... so what can i do to keep this stuffs away from my skin by staying at home?? Can you guys give me some solutions.... is there any facepack or something which can work?

February 1, 2014 at 9:30 pm Reply
Luchia Reply

After you sweat you should immediately wash with water then moisturize so no Dirt gets in

January 1, 2016 at 6:24 am Reply
Zia fatima Reply

Hey you can apply aspirin mask onto the area on which blackheads are forming. The process is that take 3aspirins and cursh them and make powder then add little drops of water to form a paste add lemon drops if your skin is oily or else if your skin is dry add almond oil apply the mask and leave it for 10 minutes until it gets dry. You will feel a burning sensation as the aspirin is doing its work. Remove the mask by washing off with luke warm water. I have tried this and the results are amazing..!!!

September 22, 2017 at 1:30 am Reply
Jason Reply

I read that Oil is produced on your face to fight bacteria it does this by lowering the pH level onyour face to a level that bacteria can't survive. When you use soap you raise the pH level on your face so you must use a product like a toner to balance the pH in your face so your skin doesn't produce excess oil. Remember oil combined with dead skin cells cause blackheads to form.

February 25, 2014 at 3:40 pm Reply
Kylie Reply

Hi! I'm a 12 year old girl. I'm having a lot of problems with black heads. They are on my nose, chin, and inbetween my eyes. I've tried some things then I read that it is bad for me. Such as popping them. Are there any ways to get rid of them cheaply and quickly?

July 3, 2014 at 4:11 am Reply
chloe Reply

hi there ! i actually steam my face over a bowl of hot water first to soften the blackead , use a spoon and push the blackhead out, throw the spoon then cover a cotton pad with toner and place it over ur nose or wherever and after the pad is dry take it off and mosturize, i also exfoliate once a week and try to wash and wipe my face with tissues when it gets oily ! it really helped me (-:

June 24, 2015 at 9:52 pm Reply
Tammy Reply

I have been using olive oil and baking soda to wash my face at nite and after that I will use white vinegar mix it half n half with water and then I will aplly a generous amount of aloe gel and just rinse with cold water in morning and will apply more aloe and oil free moisturizer oh use white vinegar again before aloe in morning...keep this up it will take time but it will make a huge difference

September 14, 2014 at 3:50 am Reply
stephanie swaving Reply

Retin-A is amazing let me tell you....i had this blackhead on my nose for like 5 months....nothing would work...and i couldnt squeeze it out....been on retin a for a week and last night the top part of the skin peeled off and today it came to a head and i was able to pop it out!!! im so happy...i still have a couple on my cheeks which might take a little longer to come out but it seems to be working great already.

October 13, 2014 at 11:17 pm Reply
pal Reply

Hi im 24 yrs ..I have lots of blackhead in my nose & its nearby area. When I try to scrub my nose then no blackhead is removed but instead my nose becomes red , starts itching & it feels really really dry . Plz give me a solution that it does no harm to my skin & blackhead is removed permanently.

February 4, 2015 at 7:31 pm Reply
gwen Reply

I am 50 yes old and have thousands of deeeep black heads on my face but not my nose or forehead. Has anybody else and what works. Signed ITCHY

February 15, 2015 at 1:53 am Reply
Lissett Alvarez Reply

hi i have blackheads on my nose and cheeks and i wanted to know if it was safe to use the blackhead eraser by clean & clear.I brought it but not sure if I should use it because it can cause more blackheads or pimples.

March 13, 2015 at 2:00 am Reply
Lily Reply

I used that before because I too was getting very bad blackheads and breakouts. Use it for about 1-2 weeks every night or every night , then after words apply the clean and clear moisterizer. It seriously makes such a difference. It will take a while for the scars to go away if you pick at them so just keep moisturizing and washing your face with the soap and it will increase as time goes on.

April 18, 2016 at 6:38 pm Reply
Jules Reply

I tried that but it just caused more blackheads and acne.

February 22, 2017 at 4:31 am Reply
Enrique Reply

whats the best cleaner for blackheads?!?!?"

August 27, 2015 at 11:13 pm Reply
jewi Reply

I have something different I think. It's a Custer of blackheads. First the nose, then side of mouth which went away. Now I have a cluster on my chin. This is awful but I use a twizer to pull.them out. I use terminator 10 for acne. After I keep pulling them out the spot finally heals but until it's like a sore and scab. Also I use retinA.

January 4, 2016 at 5:08 am Reply
Amy Reply

I have many blackheads and large pores on my nose and chin. I'm 44 yrs old with combination skin -oily t-zone & normal to dry cheeks. I'very been using 0.05% tretinoin every other night for almost 3 months and it has not helped with my blackheads or oily skin at all! Does it just take more time, or should I start using it every night instead of every other night? Thanks

February 4, 2016 at 5:58 pm Reply
T Reply

Hi, I have blackheads on my nose. I want to know what produces can remove blackheads on nose, then how to prevent blackheads after I remove blackhead. I want to remove these blackheads completely. could you help me? Thank you.

February 25, 2016 at 12:13 am Reply
Dawn Reply

I had horrible back heads due to very oily skin... And I been trying vitamin d3 for about over 1 month now and oh my gosh, my skin has never been better! My pores became smaller, my oily skin went away, my period became less heavier with less cramping:)) I cleansed my face night and day with oxy clean 10 percent benzoyl just small amount of paste on my hands and then moisturize with an oil free lotion. I take 2,000 d3 each day; one morning and one at night. Pls, try it out and maybe it'll work for you too.

April 5, 2016 at 8:36 pm Reply
Niki Reply

The D3 worked? I'm going to try that especially with my cycle being out of control recently. I've had cyst on my ovaries and since then my cycle terrible and painful. Which seems to have led to my blackhead breakouts and a few cysts. I went to the dermatologist who gave me prescription for Retin A and an antibiotic. I'd rather try the vitamin D3.

July 7, 2016 at 4:44 am Reply
Brittany Reply

Hi I'm 15 and have popped my blackheads before. And now I'm dealing with these 2 that are literally stuck behind the skin between my eyes. I can tell because there are random dark spots & you can just tell. And they are gonna be impossible to come out on their own. I was going to take a needle and give it a way to pop out. But once its out, the article says you have to take like intensive care for your skin after. What do I do? Or what to do I have to do to help my skin heal after.

July 12, 2016 at 5:00 pm Reply
Anna Reply

Hi Brittany, I recommend you to try baltic amber soap. It is great for treatment of many skin diseases and daily skin care. It is difficult to find natural baltic amber soap. I have purchase one on

September 26, 2016 at 11:54 am Reply
Please help Reply

PLEASE READ!!! I popped two black heads on flavs that were really close to eachother they were basically next to eachother and a whole bunch of oil was coming out as I was doing it and when I was done it looked darker than the rest of my skin and by the next day it has left a scab-like burn on my face,what should I do (Plz help)

August 28, 2016 at 4:04 am Reply
Debra Reply

I just started using baking soda on my face (The kind you buy for the fridge, cat litter box, carpet ect.) It only costs $1 or $2. I gently rubbed it on my face with water. I let is sit for 15 minutes and then washed it off! I am shocked how my skin looks and feels after using it! It works fast and is safe to use because it is natural.

September 18, 2016 at 7:52 pm Reply
Peeps Reply

Some of this advice is the exact opposite of what is commonly recommended. It's baffling.

January 9, 2017 at 8:17 am Reply
Darwin Reply

Is it not good to wash your face after extracting some blackheads in your face? Is there a side effect when you do that?

January 12, 2017 at 2:03 pm Reply
Sara Reply

Hi I'm Sara and I'm 15, I have some blackheads around my chin and nose but I have really bad acne all over my face and I was wondering if I could use the black head killer mask so I can clear the black heads but I'm scared if my acne will get worse

January 13, 2017 at 7:31 am Reply
Kat Reply

Hello i am 12 years old and i have blackheads in ny nose is there a way i can take then off just by using baking soda or water or soap i have a school dance this saturday and i want them to leave any advice to hiw i can take them off not by using medictaions or anything thats expensive thank you pls i need advice

February 20, 2017 at 11:10 pm Reply

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