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Nettle Root Used For Acne – Helpful or Redundant?

You may recognize nettle root as something to be avoided at all costs. Certainly, your parents or grandparents may have advised you to run like the wind whenever you see this plant, as it may cause your skin to react severely and painfully. Well, now that you are no longer a child, you may forget […]

Hydroquinone For Acne Scars And Hyperpigmentation – Does It Really Work?

If you have acne, you may also hold the firm belief that one of the worst things about breakouts is the scars they leave behind. Battling current pimples is one thing, but trying to rid yourself of the scarification that remains is a whole different struggle. Indeed, it turns out that monthly, tens of thousands […]

Is There A Connection Between Sitting Down And Acne?

If you have any interest in leading a healthy lifestyle, then you already know that exercising is key to maintaining your well-being. Even if you are not on a healthy living binge though, you might have figured out that physical movement is a significant factor when it comes to enjoying a good life. Even more […]

24 Home Remedies To Treat Acne With Cucumber

Acnes are a cosmetic dilemma, especially when they breakout on your face and neck. Not only do they dent your appearance with their reddish swollen presence but are also a cause of discomfort and pain. Caused primarily by the increased secretion of oil from the sebaceous glands that trap dirt and other impurities and block […]

Bee Pollen For Acne – Can It Help Defeat Acne?

Bee Pollen is widely known for its beneficial properties related to both health and appearance. Still, the mystery surrounding the reasons for these qualities is sometimes even more appealing than their effects. Indeed, few scientists have delved into the healthy properties of honey produce. Of course, we can’t be sure that earlier peoples did not […]

How To Get Rid Of Whiteheads – A Practical Guide

We get it. Whiteheads are unbelievably annoying, unbecoming and generally uncomfortable. If this wasn’t enough, they are also unpredictable and may decide to pop open at any point during the day. In order to successfully combat them, you should probably know how they form. Whiteheads represent a clogged pore filled with natural oil, your dead […]

Could Your Acne Actually Be Melanoma?

Acne is a pretty innocent skin condition with few long-term leftover effects. You might have a few scars – and perhaps a couple of bad memories from DIY remedies – after your long battle with recurring breakouts, but that would be about it. But what if your acne is not acne at all? What if […]

Aspirin For Acne – Does It Really Help?

If you are doing everything under the sun to get rid of your zits, we feel your pain. Acne can be an annoying, nasty condition which has the potential to take over your life. From natural remedies to fancy and expensive medical treatments, there is an endless list of available methods to cure breakouts. One […]

Acne And The Bay Leaf

If you use bay leaves as part of your cooking rituals, then you already know of their marvelous scent and the tasty hint of nature’s flavors that they add to any meal. But as you set the bay leaf onto the side of your plate, do you ever think about all of the other benefits […]

Is It Acne or Is It Eczema: A Guide To Skin Conditions

Okay, so you woke up with red and bumpy, inflamed skin. Take a deep breath, don’t freak out and let’s do some research on what could be causing it. It could either be eczema or it could be acne. Both are treatable and both are caused by things that are innocent enough, so no need […]

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