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Helping People Achieve Clear Skin Since 2007

Moringa Oil For Acne Is a Cheap Natural Remedy, But Not As Effective As a Complete Acne System

By Dr. Jaggi Rao, MD, FRCPC, Double board-certified dermatologist

Many traditional medicine systems rely heavily on herbs and plants for their healing properties. Ancient literature of many cultures is filled with thousands of herbs and plants that have tremendous medicinal properties. One plant is considered to be full of health-promoting and disease-fighting properties that it is sometimes called “Miracle Tree” or “Tree of Life”. The plant that we’re talking about here is called the Moringa (Moringa oleifera) plant.

It’s native to the sub-Himalayan regions of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan and has long been used in Asian traditional herbal medicines for its countless health benefits.

Moringa Seeds for Acne
These little seeds just might be the answer to your acne problem

Why Is Moringa So Special?

Unlike many plants, almost every part of this special plant has some sort of medicinal property or other use. People have been using its leaves, bark, fruit, seed, and roots to make traditional medicines for many, many years.

It contains over 90 nutrients, almost 50 compounds with strong antioxidant properties and over 30 compounds with anti-inflammatory properties.

It’s no wonder that it’s believed to cure over 300 diseases. Many credit it as being one of the most nutritious herbs on the planet.

This plant has seen a great interest in recent times with all its beneficial effects on health. Today, many Moringa based products are popping up to offer the benefits the plant has to offer.

What Is Moringa Oil?

It’s an oil that is expressed from the seeds of the plants of the Moringaceae family, specifically the Moringa oleifera plant. The seeds of this plant, when pressed, express a pale-yellow, fixed (non-drying) oil. This oil has a high concentration of a chemical called Behenic acid, which is a naturally occurring fatty acid. Sometimes, the oil is also referred to as “behen oil” or “ben oil”.

Dermatological Benefits Of Moringa Oil

Many natural treatments can help get acne under control. Moringa oil is becoming more known as one of them. It’s now widely used in many cosmetic products for its excellent moisturizing, cleansing and skin-soothing properties. It’s used in shampoos, lip balms, lotions, and anti-aging and anti-wrinkle creams.

Moringa oil has an excellent skin penetration profile. When applied on the skin, the oil is easily absorbed, giving way for instant radiance. The oil is rich in many nutrients that help nourish the skin such as Vitamins A, C, and E. These vitamins help in improving the elasticity of the skin, reducing the number of fine lines and wrinkles and fighting inflammation.

The extract of Moringa leaves has antiseptic and skin purifying properties, as well. It’s routinely used to treat minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises.

The anti-inflammatory properties of both Moringa leaf extract and oil can help in the treatment of acne. The oil removes impurities from the skin and helps to rejuvenate it. These properties can be used to advantage in treating acne.

Moringa Do-It-Yourself Mask For Treating Acne

Although you can pretty easily find products with Moringa leaf extract, you can also make your fresh face mask yourself… here is a helpful recipe using actual Moringa leaves, courtesy of StyleCraze:

Grind a handful Moringa leaves with a little bit of water to make a smooth paste. Apply this paste as a face mask and leave it on for 15-20 minutes and wash off with water.

This face mask will leave your skin looking healthy and glowing from within.

Also, to get the most out of these leaves, add small amounts of these leaves in your daily diet. Moringa will help you cleanse your system and the effects will be evident on your glowing skin.

Final Thoughts

Although Moringa is a great herb that can help you get healthy glowing skin, if you want to control acne breakouts, it’s important to follow a complete acne treatment system, like Proactiv, for day-to-day acne control. This system does not contain Moringa, but it contains many other powerful ingredients to get that acne under control and a healthy glow on your skin. Also, the kit is cheaper than buying the contents separately, so you’ll also be saving money.

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